Local Platform

KBS World is distributed via local platform operators such as Cable, Satellite or IPTV except certain regions where the service is available directly from satellite. Below are the lists of the local operators around the world. Please select your region to see the detailed information on where and how KBS World is available.

KBS takes full responsibility on programming, quality of content and other content-related issues. Actual provision of the service is in the domain of local service providers (except the case, where the service is provided directly from satellite). Please contact local operators about the availability of KBS World or other physical or technical issues.

Region Country Service Provider Media Channel Website
Asia Japan SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation DTH 656 www.skyperfectv.co.jp
OptiCast Inc. IPTV 656 www.opticast.jp
J:COM Cable 756 www.jcom.co.jp
J:COM west Compact Cable 756 www.cablewest.co.jp
HONJO CABLE TV Cable 276 www.honjo-catv.jp
Japan central vision Cable 791 www.jctv.ne.jp
K-Opticom Cable 857 www.k-opti.com
LUCKY TOWN TV Cable 14 www.lucky-towntv.jp
JCN Cable 媛SO蹂„ www.j-cnet.co.jp
CNCI Cable 媛SO蹂„ www.cnci.co.jp
Kintetsu Cable Network Cable 301 www.kcn.ne.jp
MIYAZAKI CABLE TV NETWORK Cable 301 www.miyazaki-catv.ne.jp
STARCAT CABLE NETWORK Cable 311 www.starcat.co.jp
Cable TV Cable 301 www.cc9.jp
its communications Inc. Cable 301 www.itscom.net
YOU TV Cable 301 www.netyou.jp
Bay communications Cable 547 www.baycom.jp
Utsunomiya CATV Cable 301 www.ucatv.ne.jp/katv
Oita Cable Telecom Cable 55 www.oct-net.ne.jp
Cable Station FUKUOKA Cable 567 www.css.ne.jp
CABLE TV KISHIWADA Cable 301 www.tvk.co.jp
Kyushu Telecommunication Network Cable 547 www.bbiq.jp
Tokyo Cablevision Cable 301 www.snet.tcv.jp
Cable media waiwai Cable 822 www.wainet.co.jp
Oyama Cable TV Cable 301 www.tvoyama.co.jp
BAN-BAN Networks Cable 301 www.banban.kp
Academic Newtown Community Cable Service Cable 547 www.accs.or.jp
Tokyo Cable Network Cable 547 www.tcn-catv.co.jp
TOSHIMA CABLE NETWORK Cable 547 www.toshima.co.jp
SENDAI CATV Cable 547 www.cat-v.jp
Cable Common Net Mie Cable 301 www.com-mie.jp
Cable net 296 Cable 303 www.catv296.co.jp
Yamaguchi Cable Vision Cable 547,301
Nagasaki Cable Media Cable 197 www.cncm.ne.jp
Kanuma Cable Television Cable 184 www.bc9.ne.jpp
CTY Cable 301 www.cty-net.ne.jp
TAMA CABLE NETWORK Cable 363,313 www.t-net.ne.jp
WARABI CABLE VISION Cable 184 www.warabi.ne.jp
Sano Cable TV Cable 301 www.sctv.jp
KOCHI CABLE BROADCAST Cable 601 www.kcb.co.jp
BTV Cable Television Cable 547,713 portal.btvm.ne.jp
Iruma Cable Television Cable 184 www.ictv.ne.jp
Higashimatsuyama Cable Television Cable 184 www.hctv.ne.jp
Yuzuno-sato Cable Television Cable 184 www.yuzu-tv.ne.jp
MiyagiCableTV Cable 547 web.c-marinet.ne.jp
TOKYO BAY NETWORK Cable 301 www.baynet.ne.jp
NCT Cable 184 www.nct9.co.jp
USUKI CABLE NETWORK Cable 55 catv.usuki.gr.jp
Aomori Cable Television Cable 229 www.actv.ne.jp
aicom-koka Cable 547 www.aicom-koka.jp
hikariTV IPTV 552,883 www.hikaritv.net
BB cable TV IPTV 210 www.bbtv.com
au hikari IPTV 292 www.auhikari.jp
I-Cast IPTV(HD,SD) 552,883 www.hikaritv.net
Yahoo BBTV IPTV(SD) 210 www.bbtv.com
CableNet Suzuka co Cable 184 www.mecha.ne.jp/catv
Hachinohe Cable Television Co. Cable 192 www.htv.ne.jp
Himeji Cable TV WINK Cable 184 www.winknet.ne.jp
CHUSAN-Cable Vision Corporation Cable 528 www.cvc.co.jp
JWAY Co. Cable 547 jway.jp/
Matsuura Cable Co. Cable 197 www.chun2.ne.jp
NCV New Media Cable 535 www.omn.ne.jp/
NCV New Media Cable 535 www.ncy.ne.jp/
NCV New Media Cable 535 www.tlp.ne.jp/
Hong Kong PCCW IPTV 156 nowtv.now.com
Macau Macau Cable Cable(D) 180 www.macaucabletv.com
Singapore StarHub Cable(D) 815 www.starhub.com
SingTel IPTV 523, 606 www.singteltv.com.sg
Thailand True Vision DTH, Cable 143(HD),
Vietnam SCTV Cable(A) 68(A),
VTVcab Cable,IPTV 34 www.vtvcab.vn
HTVC Cable 71 www.htvc.vn
VSTV DTH 68 www.vstv.vn
FPT IPTV   www.kplus.vn
Philippines Sky Cable Cable(A) 75 www.skycable.com
Cable Link Cable(A) 71 www.cablelink.com.ph
Indonesia Link Net Cable 262 firstmedia.com
Telkom Vision Cable(A) 508
Mega Media DTH   orangetv.co.id
Biznet Cable(HD,SD) 341 biznetnetworks.com/id
IMTV DTH   big-tv.com
Matrix TV DTH    
Malaysia Astro DTH/IPTV 391(SD),
Mongolia Sansar TV Cable(A) 10
SKY Media iptv   www.skymedia.mn
MCSCOM IPTV   www.unitel.mn/index.php/iptv
Cambodia CCTV Cable(A) 58 www.cctv.com
PPCTV Cable(A) 65 www.ppctv.com.kh
Bangladesh Fair Cable Cable(A)    
Bengal Communications ltd Cable(A)  
Myanmar Forever Group DVB-T   www.forevergroupmyanmar.com
Sky Net DTH   www.skynetdth.com
Sri Lanka SLT VisionCom IPTV 87 www.peotv.com www.sltvisioncom.lk
Playcast Cable    
Maldives Media Net CATV, MMDS 850 medianet.mv
Playcast Private Limited CableTV, IPTV    
Nepal Space Time Network Cable(A)   www.spacetimenetwork.com.np
Subisu Cablenet Cable(A) 70 www.subisu.net.np
STN Cable    
Swongia Cable TV Network Cable    


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