Why KBS?

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the largest contents provider in Korea.


KBS dramas have been drawing international attention, particularly in Asia because they carry the most Korean and the most common theme. Incorporating new materials while breaking away from the clichés of romantic comedies, KBS miniseries also won kudos from the audience. Golden Apple focused on the destitute but tenacious lives of Koreans in the 1960s and 70s; and The Man of the Vineyard reminded us of the truly valuable things in life. Hwangjini, centered on the life of a famous Korean courtesan, featured eye-catching costumes and props that contributed to an authentic recreation of Hwangjini’s historical era. The King Dae Jo-young shed light on the history of the Balhae dynasty, a period that hadn’t been addressed by previous historical dramas. With The King Dae Jo-young, KBS new epic drama in 2008, The Great King Sejong continued the proud tradition of its successful predecessors, 2005’s Emperor of the Sea and Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin.


KBS has produced numerous documentaries that study deeply universal human values, current affairs, the environment, culture and youth, etc. The special 6-part HD documentary series, Investigating the Mind, was a bold exploration of an abstract and mystifying subject, receiving rave reviews at home and abroad. Asian Corridor in Heaven, one of the Insight of Asia series, has broadcasted among 13 countries over the world. The series, the Insight of Asia is continued by Noodle Road and The Land of Human in 2008.


KBS always tries to harmonize entertainment with the public interest and focus on developing informative family programs. ‘Infotainment’ programs combined fun with education in such offerings as Vitamin, which fueled a nationwide health craze, and Safety First, which offers daily safety tips in a quiz show format. Happy Together Friends, which won the Korea Producers Association Award, struck a heartfelt chord by playing to Koreans’ nostalgia for things past; The Star Golden Bell Challenge quizzed guest star celebrities on various general knowledge questions; and Happy Sunday’s One night Two days makes the audience natural laughter and forget the stress during the week while watching the one night journey.

Spread of the Korean wave

KBS has worked on top-quality documentaries as well as dramas in order to make inroads into yet untapped regions in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. As a result, major broadcasters in Turkey, India and Spain have aired KBS programs.

Sales Contacts
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