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NEW KBS DRAMA , Can\'t wait for this fantastic TI...

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profile_image koko3 Level 10 2017.07.06
NEW KBS DRAMA , Can't wait for this fantastic TIME SLIP ADVENTURE!

JYJ KimJaejoong, Afterschool U-IE, B1A4 Baro.... they will soon come to you guys!:emoticon_02.png:

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wanna send letters to B1A4\'s CNU for his birthday ?

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2017.05.21

we are doing a project for CNU's b'day.

the project is sending letters for his b'day ( hand writing letters )

so if you want to send him a letter for his b'day or to tell something to him,you can send.

if you are gonna send a letter, you  have to sent it to my address before this monday.i'll collect all the letters and send them to @fallforcnu's address.after that she'll send all the letters to CNU. (she is the main organizer of this project)..you can contact her on instagram.that's her ig username.you can contact me too.

main organizer's ig user name - fallforcnu

my ig user name - bana_lgsl

my twitter user name- chamashi v or BANALgsL

my fb user name - chamashi vandebona or bana lgsl

so don't be late.hurry up come on BANAs.

remember - MONDAY IS THE LAST DAY.!!!!!!!!!

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I hope I will be the lucky one to receive VIXX or B1A4 autographed CDs!

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profile_image Kimmy.RY Level 7 2017.03.08

I am the fan of k-pop cultures, k-drama, k-movies. Next, I'm also interested in learning the korean language. Besides, I could realized that fans from all over the world are being brought together by the K-pop industry. In spite of our differences, we have found something that the Hallyu can put on evidence shared interests and synergies between non-korean and korean peoples on international arena,Thank you KBS world for the awesome giveaway. 

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Congrats B1A4 !!

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.12.18

B1A4 has won on music back on 2016.12.09. ( Song - A Lie )

congratulations from BANAs B1A4.

BANAs always with you, love you and support you.

Let's fly B1A4


Be The One All For One

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Congrats B1A4!!!

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profile_image Kibie97 Level 6 2016.12.09

B1A4 congrats!!! You deserved to win!!! Fighting and let's fly higher!!

Love you B1A4! Love you BANA!!


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Music Bank

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profile_image natBTS Level 6 2016.12.09 smartphone
B1A4 Hwaiting for your comeback

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Message for Koko board

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profile_image Nei Min Level 5 2016.12.02 smartphone
B1A4 fighting!

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B1A4 comeback

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profile_image Nei Min Level 5 2016.12.02 smartphone
B1A4 fighting! Banas love you guys

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Sandeul~ Stay as you are <3

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profile_image Kibie97 Level 6 2016.10.06

I really love his songs. I wish him the best ^^

Sandeul fighting!!! winkheart

P.D. If you like ballad songs I highly recommend it!! And if not... I also recommend it, too hahaha ^^

P.D.2 BANA fighting!! 


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B1A4 Sandeul\'s solo album 2016 (1st mini album)

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.10.03

Sandeul's solo album will be released on 04th of October 2016.

His 1st mini album.Fighting oppa.

And B1A4 will come back soon.Fighting B1A4.

BANAs support them.

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.08.14

Happy birthday.BANAs love you forever.

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.08.13

One hour more for our Gongchan's birthday!!!!!!

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.07.04

I really miss you a lot.Please make a comeback for BANA soon.We are waiting.Fighting B1A4.Always with you guys.SARANGHAE.

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Good night everyone

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.06.22

Annyeong.Good night friends.Sweet dreams...

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Hello Bana!!!

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profile_image Kibie97 Level 6 2016.06.21

Hi Bana!!!

I thought we could know a little more about each other so... let's do a B1A4 quiz!!! laugh

1. If somebody is interested in B1A4, what songs would you recommend?? (max. 4)

2. What's the first song you listened of them?

3. Who's your bias?

My answers:

1. I would recommend: Solo Day, Lonely, Drive and What's happening

2. The first song I listened was Solo Day, and it was coincidence hahahaha since then B1A4 has changed my life hahaha

3. Is Sandeul heart


Let's be friends!!! 

Let's fly B1A4!!! Let's fly Banas!!

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.06.21

U guys r the best in this world.We love u guys soooo much.BANAs always with u.Fighting.Saranghae.

B1A4 let's fly

BANA let's fly

Be the one All for one

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B1A4 Sandeul~

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profile_image Kibie97 Level 6 2016.06.21

Hi~ it has been a while since I've posted something in the village.

I'm a super fan of Sandeul, he is so cute~!!! heart 

When do you think they will make a comeback? I think they will return in August like last year.


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My Gongchan oppa

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.06.20

Gongchan oppa SARANGHAE.I love u the most oppa.U r the best in B1A4.

Gongchan oppa Fighting

B1A4 lets' fly.

Be the one All for one.


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I love B1A4\'s version of this song <3

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profile_image Kibie97 Level 6 2016.06.18

Jinyoung is a great composer ^^ He never dissapoints me heart

B1A4 fighting!!! You are the best!!! and BANA too!!! 

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2016 is....

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profile_image BANALgsL Level 7 2016.06.18

2016 is B1A4's year.B1A4 fighting.Love u guys a lot.

B1A4 Lets' fly.

Be the one All for one.



뮤직뱅크 출근길 - OH MY GIRL, THE BOYZ, MXM, N.Flying, MOMOLAND, etc (MusicBank/2018.01.12)
[Music Bank K-Chart] 2nd Week of January - MOMOLAND, Block B (2018.01.12)
[1Click Scene] The first fan meeting of 2D1N members at Kazakhstan! (2Days and 1Night Ep.679 )

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