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Korean High School student covered Adele's "Hello"

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profile_image Olia Level 7 2015.11.13

A fascinating cover by a Korean student that attends Seoul Music High School. The video went viral in just one day, and in one week got over 10 milllions views! Her voice is absolutely beautiful, and I love this cover especially due to the fact that she sang live.

What do you think? :)

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Choose your interest and vote your Idols,B1A4,SS501,Lee min ho,Geun suk! I'll come back after vacation

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profile_image Shabnam(이슬) Level 9 2015.11.12



Hi friends!!

I'll be on a vacation,it maybe takes 1 week or more!with delicious food,snacks and interesting hobbies..:-)


And what's good topic for new village !! You can write about your favorite village,if u vote...Plz choose and vote your interest....

1.Miss or Win_K Wave Drama
2.SS501 is NO.1 forever
3.Jang Geun Suk From New Sight
4.LMH² _Lee Min Ho,Lovely Man from Hanguk
5.B1A4_ Be1 and A 4 ever

6.LTSLK2 (Let's teach,speak,learn Korean_just 2 sentences every day)

7.Your idea....



But don't forget I want to read your amazing posts on koko world and especially on KFS village!
Share your info about Korean food,restaurants,snacks,street food and etc.
On koko village you will found special topics,and by uploading your information you'll upgrade your level!

What's your favorite Korean food ??
What's interesting in Korean cuisine??
What's your idol's favorite food,why??
What's good choice of Korean food for diet??

Write answers on >  #Korean Food Story > village,plz.

I'll read your posts and comments after vacation!
(Because my cellphone and tablet will be off during the vacation!)


Koko joon I'll come back SOON!!



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Seo In Guk and Park Min Young make a picture-perfect couple for 'ISENBERG'

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profile_image Arezu Level 7 2015.11.12
On the KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Weekly' broadcasted on August 16rh, Seo In Guk and Park Min Young had an interview in the middle of a pictorial shoot for a clothing brand.
Seo In Guk shared his feeling on meeting Park Min Young for the first time. He said “I thought it would be difficult to treat her because she is an actress. However, she smiles well whatever I do. She is lovely”. 
When Seo In Guk said height is her advantage, Park Min Young wondered why. He explained “I saw ‘City Hunter’ and I thought she is tall. However, when I met her in person, I want to hug her. It seems I can hold her in my arms.” 
Park Min Young thought he meant she is short at first, but then became embarrassed and said “It’s good after listening to his explanation.”



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