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7 profile_image Hello! I am a new member here. My name is Stella & i am a Greek igot7/ahgase ... 0 11
profile_image 2018.10.10 smartphone
Hello! I am a new member here.

My name is Stella & i am a Greek igot7/ahgase since 2016! I am multifandom. Nice to meet you<3

6 profile_image GOT7 BAMBAM and his pure heart, after buying a beautiful house for his… 0 4
profile_image 2016.09.16



Bambam also comeback to Thailand as his hometown in this chuseok day. Bambam look at the Car Showroom with his Mom and older sister. From the information of fans there, Bambam was buying a car for his younger sister. AHGASE? Look our Baby Bambam? How kind heart him ^^

After bought a minimalis house for his mom last year, now he bought a car for his sister. This showing us how big of Bambam’s love for his family.

Proud with our baby Bambam!

5 profile_image DONT MISSED OUT! BATTLE LIKES EP 2 LIVE at... 0 20
profile_image 2016.07.11 smartphone

Have you watched the first episode Ahgase?

Its so fun right? Our boys looks adorable... Cant wait for the next episode.

Ahgase, dont missed the live of BATTLE LIKES ep 2 tomorrow at July, 12, 2 PM KST. 


2MCs of ‘Battle Likes’ GOT7’s rapper, BAMBAM! He’s got the look that makes all girls fall on their knees! BAMBAM is definitely the hottest idol singer of 2016! GOT7’s pure boy, Mark! His smile is cutely beautiful! Mark all day, everyday! ‘Battle Likes’ is to show the power of comunication throuth a recently spot lighted media, MCN, in providing various contents and interactive communication with viewers. Professional MCN stars in K-POP, K-BEAUTY, K-FOOD and K-TRAVEL will be introducing different hot items in Korea. KBS WORLD, which is being broadcasted in almost 100 countries and watched by 240 million people around the world as of 2016, is willing to deliver accurate and trustworthy contents about Korea.

4 profile_image Special Thanks to IGOT7 (#WeGot7 Village Member) 0 37
profile_image 2016.06.20


Guys, as the GOT7 village manager I wanna specially thanks to you all for join our village. I wonder some of you wanna get more than you have expected, But I promise to take care of you all and do my best. Still keep spirit AhGase, show up your support and love for our boys. Feel free to ask, post, and comment in our village cause its ours. Ahgase fighting! Baby birds fighting! Got7 fighting!

3 profile_image Happy weekend GOT7 oppadeul 0 14
profile_image 2016.05.07


Dont force your self too much, stay health, and success for your concert ^^

2 profile_image HOW DID YOU DISCOVER GOT7? 3 9
profile_image 2016.04.23


A.) Accidentally
B.) Someone Introduced it to you
C.) Influenced by others
D.) None of the above (then comment below how)

1 profile_image GOT7 2ND TITLE TRACK "HOMERUN" 0 7
profile_image 2016.04.13 smartphone
Hi ahgase-deul. What do you think of GOT7 2nd Title track?Have you watched it?


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