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10 profile_image GOT7 Jackson "GET WELL SOON OUR HAPPY VIRUS KING" 1 7
profile_image 2016.09.03


Get well soon, Happy Virus Jackson TT

9 profile_image GOT7 Jackson’s Accident! JYP has given Serious Warning to sasaeng fans… 3 16
profile_image 2016.09.03


Four Sasaeng fans of Jackson causing the car incident when Jackson and JYP staff on the way to the airport for attend at JYP Nation in Japan.


Fans at airport area that seeing the incident said, that was a black car with four people behind Jackson and JYP Staff car. The sasaeng was planning to chasing Jackson, so that why the driver at Jackson’s car tried to avoid them. But the sasaeng fans increasingly their drive limit so that the accident happened. The black car that driven by sasaeng fans hit Jackson car suddenly. At that time, Jackson was sleeping, so he got shocked and have back injured.


Due to the news about Jackson’s car-chasing incident that was causing by four sasaeng fans JYP Entertainment is release their official statement.

“ The Jackson’s injury is not too serious, maybe it just a simple injury. But it was a car accident, so that we have to bring Jackson to the hospital to get examination. We will decide about Jackson’s future schedule based on the examination result. Our artist health is the important thing than everything”


Untill now, we don’t have the update news about Jackson will being participate at JYP Nation concert in Japan. Lets pray for Jackson Ahgase… Hope our Wang will get better soon!

8 profile_image Amazing JACKSON 0 34
profile_image 2016.06.24 smartphone
I just love how he is ♡

7 profile_image Got7 live on V app 0 24
profile_image 2016.06.23 smartphone
They are playing again hahaha I want to learn korean language so that I can understant whathey are talking.

6 profile_image Jackson and Bambam IG update -1 55
profile_image 2016.06.23 smartphone
This kiddo dance running man challenge. Haha they are so adorable that I want to take them home! Hahaha they ar in Singapore right now for their concert seems like they are so excited. Unfortunately, i cant uplod the video. Mianhe.

5 profile_image GOT7 Mark, Jackson and Bambam have shown their abs at GOT7 1st concert... 4 59
profile_image 2016.06.23


Omg! I was crazy Ahgase, they have great body and their abs... so sexy! I'm gonna be die! Whats your opinion Ahgase-deul?

Oops, Look at our Maknae Bambam! Maybe he have to work more hard to have the great abs like Markson.Bambam Fighting! ^^

4 profile_image GOT7 Jackson Wang transformed into Captain America, he look so... 2 19
profile_image 2016.06.22


Got7 Jackson for Crime Scene @Weibo update

He look like a real superhero, but for Ahgase he is our Guardian Angel. Jackson Oppa Fighting!

3 profile_image Funniest KPOP MV 1 1413
profile_image 2016.02.21 smartphone
The number one most hilarious K-pop music video goes to “Stress” by Big Byung, a project group made up of GOT7’s Jackson, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, and N and Hyuk of Vixx. The lyrics about #firstworldproblems and stress are made even funnier by each member’s deadpan delivery of the lines. Not to mention that ending.

1 profile_image GOT7 Jackson Facts 0 3110
profile_image 2015.11.11


-His ideal type is a “healthy and attractive woman”


-His favorite foods are chocolate, Dim Sum (a mainly Vietnamese/Chinese style of serving bite-size portions of food, similar to tapas in Hispanic culture), carbonara (an Italian pasta), chicken, and hamburgers


-His favorite musicians are Dr. Dre and G-Unit (50cent and Lloyd Banks)


-He is 100 Chinese and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, and English fluently


-He is the most outgoing and sassiest out of all the other members


-Was a former member of the Fencing National Team in Hong Kong, where he won 1st place in the Asia Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship in 2011


-He has been fencing since the age of ten


-He led his fencing team to the 2010 National Youth Olympics, but lost


-He trained under JYPEnt. for about two and a half years


-He has been living in Korea for almost three years now


-His father, Wang Rui-ji, was a former coach of the Hong Kong National Fencing Team


-His mother, Zhou Ping, is a gold medalist at the World Gymnastics Championship


-His ideal solo concert would be where he performs his own self-composed and produced song while rapping and beat-boxing


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