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14 profile_image TAEYEON 태연 Cover Up Lyric Video 0 178
profile_image 2017.03.21

Here's the gift from TAEYEON! The lyric video of TAEYEON's 'Cover Up' is now released.
Thank you all for your love and supports to TAEYEON and her first full album "My Voice" !


Cr: https://www.facebook.com/smtown/ + YT

13 profile_image Girls' Generation Taeyeon 'Fine' Music Video Teaser 0 173
profile_image 2017.02.27

Girls' Generation Taeyeon 'Fine' Music Video Teaser


From: https://www.facebook.com/smtown/

12 profile_image Girls' Generation Taeyeon's regular album 'My Voice' 1 171
profile_image 2017.02.24

소녀시대(Girls' Generation) 태연 정규 앨범 'My Voice'
1. 2월 28일 낮 12시 음원 공개
2. 3월 3일 '뮤직뱅크' 통해 타이틀 곡 'Fine' 무대 최초 공개
수록곡 소개: http://share.vyrl.com/ko/p/58ae3ab719e9d244538b46f9


Girls' Generation Taeyeon's regular album 'My Voice'
1. Feb 28, 12:00 pm Sound source release
2. On March 3, 'Music Bank', the title track 'Fine' is release for the first time
Introduction song: http://share.vyrl.com/ko/p/58ae3ab719e9d244538b46f9


From: https://www.facebook.com/smtown/

11 profile_image Girls Generation's Taeyeon to Make a Solo Comeback 0 21
profile_image 2016.06.22

Girls Generation's Taeyeon is confirmed to be making a comeback with her second solo mini album "Why" on June 28. This comes eight months after her first mini album "I," which was released in October of last year. "I" received so much love and earned great success, topping various domestic and international music charts, including the Billboard world album chart.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon is set to hold a solo concert series entitled "TAEYEON, Butterfly Kiss" at Seoul Olympic Stadium on July 9-10 and at KBS Hall on August 6-7.

Taeyeon officially made her debut as a solo artist in October 2015 with her first extended play, I, which reached number two on South Korea's Gaon Album Chart and has sold well over 100,000 physical copies. The lead single, "I", peaked atop the Gaon Digital Chart and has sold over one million digital copies. Following her debut, she was awarded Best Female Artist at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. In February 2016, Taeyeon released a single titled "Rain" for the launch for S.M. Entertainment's new digital music project SM Station.

10 profile_image Taeyeon:) 5 31
profile_image 2016.05.14

Cute TAEYEON 언니 in many ways (Cartoon)

Cute Right?heart

9 profile_image Congratulations to our dear Taeyeon 1 652
profile_image 2016.04.29

Taeyeon chosen #1 out of 20 ppl(19.44) on Top Female Vocalist in their 20s by 12 Companies



8 profile_image Taeyeon (ft Verbal Jint) I--Eng lyrics 0 1456
profile_image 2015.11.28

 Taeyeon (ft Verbal Jint) I--Eng lyrics

The light pouring sky
Under it, as a kid, I
Like a dream, fly.
My Life is a Beauty
Many stories I’ve heard from somewhere
“The Ugly Ducking and Swan”
“A Butterfly, before it flies”
No one knows
They can’t see your wings
The world in which I’ve met you in
I don’t know if it’s cruel or not
But Strong girl
You know you were born to fly
The tears you cry
All the pain your feel
So that there comes a day where you fly higher
Prepare yourself for that day, Butterfly
Everybody’s gonna see it soon
The light pouring sky
Under it, as a kid, I
Like a dream, fly.
My Life is a Beauty
My heart envisions again the dreams I’ve lost
Timecurls itself back
Everything gathers and gets swallowed up
All the small memories wake up one day at a time
Just enough to fill the world
And open me up
Through the long night
I want to go on a Trip again
Why not
This world tells me
To wake up
Yesterday where I was alone
With the countless blank stares
With the falling tears
Again, I endure the day
Yesterday was breathtaking
And the words that were pouring too,
They sway and wrap me up as well
The light pouring sky
Under it, as a kid, I
Like a dream, fly.
My Life is a Beauty
My Life is a Beauty
The flower petals grow dark
I have lost my strength
I follow a small light
To a distant day
Send me away
I’ll fly brilliantly
The light pouring sky
With Newly made eyes
Newly made eyes
Into the distance, I Fly
Fly High Fly High
With my very own Beauty
The moment I closed my eye
Time stopped
And again, I floated back.

 Really lyric is beautiful... Who like it? 

7 profile_image Taeyeon at 2015 MAMA 0 1486
profile_image 2015.11.28

Taeyeon confimed her attendance at 2015 MAMA on December 2 .

2015 MAMA Current Line-Up:


Today is Taeyeon day...


6 profile_image Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America & Around the World: October 2015 0 1370
profile_image 2015.11.27

Female acts both new and veteran captivated YouTube viewers in October as Girls' Generation's Taeyeon landed last month's top-viewed K-pop video both in America and around the world with "I" featuring rapper Verbal Jint. The single marks Taeyeon's first official solo single and interest about the popular girl group's leader undoubtedly led to a huge amount of views helping the singer rank No. 1 on both of YouTube's most-viewed K-pop videos in the U.S. and the world for October 2015.
Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America - October 2015:.

1. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint, "I"
2. Twice, "Ooh Ahh"
3. f(x), "4 Walls"
4. IU, "Twenty-Three"
5. Zion.T, "No Make Up"
6. Ailee, "Insane"
7. Kyuhyun, "A Million Pieces"
8. Oh My Girl, "Closer"
9. Soyou & Brother Su, "You Don't Know Me"
10. Code Kunst ft. Oh Hyuk & Dok2, "Parachute".

Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World - October 2015.

1. Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint, "I"
2. Twice, "Ooh Ahh"
3. IU, "Twenty-Three"
4. f(x), "4 Walls"
5. Zion.T, "No Make Up"
6. Kyuhyun, "A Million Pieces"
7. Soyou & Brother Su, "You Don't Know Me"
8. Ailee, "Insane"
9. BToB, "Way Back Home"
10. Oh My Girl, "Closer"

source : Billboard

Congratulations to the beautiful Queen Taeyeon

5 profile_image Taeyeon - Phantasia photocard 0 1321
profile_image 2015.11.27

Taeyeon - Phantasia photocard, HQ scan by wish5503

4 profile_image Taeyeon - Phantasia photocard-black and white 0 1299
profile_image 2015.11.27

Taeyeon - Phantasia photocard, HQ scan by wish5503

profile_image 2015.11.22
PLEASE VOTE FOR GG & TAEYEON AT MAMA! THANKS http://mama.mwave.me/vote

1 profile_image Do you know Taeyeon? 0 1994
profile_image 2015.11.20

Full Name: Kim Tae Yeon
Position: Main Vocalist, Leader
Birthday: March 9, 1989
Birthplace: Jeonju, North Jeolla, South Korea
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Blood Type: O
Education: Jeonju Art High School
Languages: Korean, English
Trainee Time: 4 Years and 3 Months
Fun Facts:
She is the type of person that hides sadness with a smile.
She is known as the leader who never cries.
Has an older brother and a younger sister.
Her ideal type is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.
She hates aegyo, and stated that she had difficulty to act cute in the MV for “Gee“.
She has a fear of fire.
She enjoys scary movies and does not get frightened easily.
She is very bad in using her left hand. Even when she types on a keyboard she only uses her right hand.
All the Girls‘ Generation/SNSD members agree that she is one of the prettiest members.
She has a bad habit of sleep talking (Yoona said she even introduces Girls‘ Generation/SNSD in her sleep!)
She also has a habit of falling asleep in yoga positions.
She is one of the best cooks of Girls‘ Generation/SNSD (2nd to Hyoyeon).
She voiced Margo on the Korean version of “Despicable Me“.
She was an MC for Music Core along with Tiffany and Seohyun.
She was in the sub–group TaeTiSeo along with Tiffany and Seohyun.
She is short–sighted so she alwayss has to wear contact lenses.
She at first didn‘t like the popular anime “Sgt.Keroro” because she thought it was boring. But after Seohyun‘s influence, she began liking it.
She is interested in men that think positive and have a good sense of humor.
When she was a teenager she would always listen to the radio when doing homework and says that the radio was a big part of her life.  So when she became a DJ on a radio station she felt very happy.
She loves purple flowers.
She has a very bad memory.
She loves to watch Japanese dramas.
Her favorite movie is “National Treasure“.
Her favorite plant is the cactus.
Her favorite song on the “Girls‘ Generation” album is “Merry Go Round“.
She is known as the “OST Queen” because of her many powerful ballads on drama OSTs.


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