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12 profile_image Ihwa Mural Village in central Jongno-gu, is a hilltop village with stunning view... 0 17
profile_image 2017.09.04
Ihwa Mural Village in central Jongno-gu, is a hilltop village with stunning views of Seoul located beside Naksan Park, not far from the bustling Daehagno neighborhood. In 2006 the local Public Art Committee invited artists to paint murals or create sculptures in the village as a way to improve life here. As a result the village has become a charming, colorful part of the city with museums, restaurants and cafes catering to visitors. It would be great to go for a walk to Ihwa Mural Village as the weather has cooled down. Directions: Hyehwa Station, Line 4, Exit 2. Walk towards Naksan Park. #ISEOULU #SEOUL #MuralVillage #IhwaMuralVillage #Mural #SeoulTrip #KoreaTrip #Korea #Jongno #Daekhakno #Hyehwa

11 profile_image Visit Two of Seoul's New Tourist Attractions in August! 1. Seoul Sky : Se... 0 3
profile_image 2017.08.04
Visit Two of Seoul's New Tourist Attractions in August! 1. Seoul Sky : See the City from Above 2. Bird's-eye Views of Seoul 3. A Special August Package Deal

10 profile_image Storytelling Performance at Cheonggyecheon Stream : Fly, Ishimi 0 8
profile_image 2017.06.25

July 16th is the closing day for "Fly, Ishimi" and there will be special events to mark the occasion. Performance-goers who bring along a paper cup will receive a free seedling as a gift. Foreign visitors can also write out a postcard and have the postcard mailed to any location of their choice. 

※ Isimi : Also sometimes called imugi, is a mythical creature from Korean folklore. Before a dragon becomes a dragon, it was sometimes said to have taken the form of a giant serpent, which was also called ishimi.

9 profile_image Seoul Travel Guide for Muslim Visitors 0 9
profile_image 2017.06.25

There are quite a few halal and Muslim-friendly restaurants in Seoul that allow for visitors to keep to their dietary restrictions while enjoying Seoul. Restaurants are categorized as halal certified when they are officially certified by the Korea Muslim Federation (KMF); self certified when owned or operated by Muslims. Muslim friendly restaurants offer halal dining options, and pork free restaurants may not always have halal dining but they do not serve pork.

8 profile_image Metropolitan Tourism on the Seoul-Gyeonggi Tourism Shuttle Bus 0 7
profile_image 2017.05.13

Seoul-Gyeonggi Tourism Shuttle Bus
☞ Operating period: April 22 – May 28, 2017
☞ Directions
- Insa-dong SM Duty Free Store (Shuttle bus departure point): Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 3-1. Walk approx. 135m and turn right at the traffic light. Continue approx. 50m to reach SM Duty Free Store.
☞ Reservations & Inquiries: Hana Tour +82-2-365-1500 (Korean, English, Chinese)
☞ Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017 website: www.kocef.org (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

7 profile_image International Horticulture Goyang Korea Festival 0 2
profile_image 2017.05.13

The International Horticulture Goyang Korea festival will take place at Ilsan Lake Park in Goyang from April to May, with nearly 300 related organizations, groups and companies from 25 countries in attendance, showing off their horticultural products and related items all made with flowers. 

A unique and rare plants exhibition, an indoor garden decorated with flower art, outdoor theme parks, a flower art class, flower arrangement contests and other events and performances are all planned to bring more joy to the yearly flower festival. 

In the evenings, a light garden, LED performances, pop music performances and other exciting events will entertain visitors.



6 profile_image Miryang Arirang Festival 0 4
profile_image 2017.05.13

There are many varieties of "Arirang," the national folk song that perfectly embodies the Neo-Confucian principles and faithfulness of the Korean people, each from different regions of the country. However, there are basically only three major versions of the song: the "Miryang Arirang," the "Jeongseon Arirang" and the "Jindo Arirang." 

The Miryang Arirang Festival, hosted by Miryang-si City in Gyeongsangnam-do Province, celebrates its version of the song, an important intangible heritage item for the region, with a parade, contests, performances and many other festival activities. At the festival, visitors can hear both the similarities and differences between the three major versions of the great folk song "Arirang." 

5 profile_image Delicious❤ 0 4
profile_image 2017.05.12 smartphone
Tongin Market sells all kinds of delicious foods as seen in the photo. It is located near Gyeongbokgung in Seoul. Come by and have a look!

4 profile_image Recruiting for Official Seoul Tour-tainer! 1 12
profile_image 2017.05.02

everyone in Seoul, Korea..it's your time now! catch your chance :) fighting

3 profile_image Fun Seoul Outings in May 2017 1 13
profile_image 2017.05.01

The grand opening of Seoul's newest public park, Seoullo 7017 will take place in May and visitors to Seoul will be able to visit Seoullo and reserve new Seoullo 7017-centered walking tours from Seoul City Walking Tours. Explore Seoul's newest attraction and unique museums in May.

2 profile_image Seoul Welcome Week 2017 0 8
profile_image 2017.05.01

Seoul Welcome Week 2017 is here! Seoul Welcome Week will run from April 28th until May 7th. During the event, foreign visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of special discounts and events! 

1 profile_image perfect tour for those who want to see the most essential sites of Seoul in a day 4 1552
profile_image 2016.01.25

Essential Seoul Tour (Morning)

[Tour runs from 9AM to 12:30PM / 35 USD per person]

This tour is perfect for those who want to see the most essential sites of Seoul in a single morning.

Jogyesa Temple (via travel oriented)

Jogyesa Temple (viatravel oriented)


With more than 4,000 years of history to its name, there’s no way you can learn all about Korea in a single trip. But spare a single morning and you will get an overview of all the major facets of Korean life, culture and history. On this tour, you’ll visit the most influential Buddhist Temple in Korea today, Korea’s main royal palace and a showcase from the Presidential residence. It’s all the must-see attractions in one single morning.

Jogyesa Buddhist Temple

Jogyesa Temple is the most influential Buddhist temple in Seoul. It sits peacefully among corporate skyscrapers and chain coffee shops. Monks maintain a beautiful garden that hits all the colors on the spectrum. Be sure to bring your camera; it is beautiful.

Cheongwadae Sarangchae

Nestled at the base of towering mountains and next to the Presidential headquarters (the Blue House) is the President’s showcase of Korea’s history and culture as well as Presidents of years past. It’s a great introduction to Korean culture and history and a fantastic way to become familiarized with Korea. You will also have a few photo opportunities at the Blue House (the Presidential Headquarters).

Changing of the Guards ceremony (via Korea)

Changing of the Guards ceremony (viaKorea)

Changing of the Guard Ceremony

During the tour you’ll witness the Changing of the Guard Ceremony, a rare traditional scene that takes place in the middle of ultra modern Seoul. It’s extraordinary to see an ancient custom that started in 1469 continue in present day.

Gyeonbokgung Palace

The largest and most expansive of all the royal palaces, Gyeongbokgung is arguably the greatest of them all. It’s surrounded by Mount Bugaksan, Mount Namsan, and palaces; Gyeongbokgung Palace is indeed at the heart of Seoul.

The Tour

Essential Seoul Tour (Morning):
35 USD per person. From 9AM to 12:30PM. 

On this tour you’ll get to see all of Seoul’s must-see attractions in one single morning. You’ll get personalized transportation directly from your hotel and visit four essential Seoul attractions. You’ll get a rare combination of ancient and modern history, religion, culture and tradition before you’re hungry for lunch!

— Tours are 35 USD per person. Children receive 30 discount (automatically applied during checkout) —


Gyeongbokgung Palace (via Eunho Sung)

Gyeongbokgung Palace (viaEunho Sung)

Pickup – Directly at your hotel

Jogyesa Buddhist Temple

Cheongwadae Sarangchae (Closed Mondays)

Presidential Blue House (Photo op)

Changing of the Guard Ceremony

Gyeongbokgung Palace (Deoksugung Palace on Tuesdays)

Arrive at Itaewon or City Hall

Pick up & Drop Off

Pickups: Directly at your hotel.
Drop offs: City-Hall or Itaewon


Payments & Refunds:
– Processed safely and securely by PayPal. Credit cards are accepted on the PayPal checkout page.
– Refunds are 100 guaranteed until 2 days before the tour.

– Tours are licensed and insured (Business Registration: 101-86-52407)
– All tours stop at Amethst/Ginseng Center


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