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Korean Food Story
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Grains See also: List of Korean dishes § Grain dishes Cooked rice sprinkled with four pieces of dried grape and cooked three chestnut in a black stone pot Dolsotbap, cooked rice in a stone pot (dolsot) Grains have been one of the most important staples of the Korean diet. Early myths of the foundations of various kingdoms in Korea center on grains. One foundation myth relates to Jumong, who received barley seeds from two doves sent by his mother after establishing the kingdom of Goguryeo. Yet another myth speaks of the three founding deities of Jeju Island, who were to be wed to the three princesses of Tamna; the deities brought seeds of five grains which were the first seeds planted, which in turn became the first instance of farming. During the pre-modern era, grains such as barley and millet were the main staples and were supplemented by wheat, sorghum, and buckwheat. Rice is not an indigenous crop to Korea, and millet was likely the preferred grain before rice was cultivated. Rice became the grain of choice during the Three Kingdoms period, particularly in the Silla and Baekje Kingdoms in the southern regions of the peninsula. Rice was such an important commodity in Silla that it was used to pay taxes. The Sino-Korean word for "tax" is a compound character that uses the character for the rice plant. The preference for rice escalated into the Joseon period, when new methods of cultivation and new varieties emerged that would help increase production. As rice was prohibitively expensive when it first came to Korea, the grain was likely mixed with other grains to "stretch" the rice; this is still done in dishes such as boribap (rice with barley) and kongbap (rice with beans). White rice, which is rice with the bran removed, has been the preferred form of rice since its introduction into the cuisine. The most traditional method of cooking the rice has been to cook it in an iron pot called a sot (솥) or musoe sot (무쇠솥). This method of rice cookery dates back to at least the Goryeo period, and these pots have even been found in tombs from the Silla period. The sot is still used today, much in the same manner as it was in the past centuries. Rice is used to make a number of items, outside of the traditional bowl of plain white rice. It is commonly ground into a flour and used to make rice cakes called tteok in over two hundred varieties. It is also cooked down into a congee (juk), or gruel (mieum) and mixed with other grains, meat, or seafood. Koreans also produce a number of rice wines, both in filtered and unfiltered versions.

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7 profile_image what are you doing guys??? Let's share....!!!??:-) 1 2017
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Hi my friends!!


Let's share your information,photos,New recipes,experience and favorite food about Korean food,Hansik!!

Do you know interesting things about Korean food?????:-)

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It takes a little long to cook Jeon! so there are many markets that cook Jeon .
Before the lunar New year's day you can see many people who want to buy food like Jeon for ancestral rites!

Bindaetteok: Thin Jeon made with ground mung beans mixed with ground vegetables and meet.

It's a party food,it's not usually cooked at home. It's specially popular in cold regions.

This food name means a food for poor man,as I heard in Chinese language,but it was in the past! There is a song Bindaetteok  Gentleman by Han _bok nam
That changed the meaning of Bindaetteok!

It's a cute song,did u listen it??
(When you don't have money,go home and make some Bindaetteok and enjoy it)

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Pajeon: Round ,wide Jeon made with green onions!

Of the lot Pajeon is the most widely enjoyable Jeon.
Each family has a different way of making Pajeon.
In some homes,green onions has chopped and mixed into the batter before frying.
In others,the green onions are fried before being topped with batter,oyster and finally beaten egg. So delicious....

The most ingredients in Pajeon is soft,delicious green onions!
Busan,home to fresh seafood  and  soft green onions is famous for particular Pajeon,Dongnae Pajeon !

Dongnae Pajeon: pan_fried Jeon made with Shallot leaves and seafood mixed into flour and rice powder batter.

4 profile_image Jeon 전,perfect food for rainy days! (part 1) 3 2155
profile_image Shabnam(이슬) Level 9 2015.11.07



Today's post is about JEON!!

Jeon:Korean pan_fried dishes made with various ingredients mixed with batter.


When it rains,Koreans naturally think of Pajeon & Makgeolli!
Pajeon and a glass of  cold Makgeolli is enough to relief stress of works!
For Koreans Jeon is more than just comfort food on a rainy day,it's perfect dish to enjoy ur parties or Holliday gathers!


Makgeolli  막걸리  is a lightly sweet alcoholic beverage native to Korea. It is made from rice or wheat mixed with nuruk, a Koreanfermentation starter.

 It has a milky, off-white color and is about 6–8 alcohol by volume. Makgeolli is traditionally made from rice, although variations are made from wheat, and some brands are flavored with corn, chestnut, apple or other produce.



Let's find out what Jeon means to Koreas and discover whole Korean culture around Jeon 전 !


Jeon can be made with the variety of ingredients! such as :

Green onions,chives,mushrooms,squash,squid,Meat,fish,beans.....


You can enjoy it as a party food or with drinks!!

Now,what kind of food is "Jeon" to Koreans???

In  Korean cuisine Jeon refers to variety of dishes,All them pan_fried ! some of them more like pancakes!


To make Jeon,ingredients are finally chopped and mixed into rice powder or flour batter and then fry them!

We have a kind of food like Jeon in Iran and call it "kookoo".



Koreans say Jeon 전 is life !! why they think like this??? follow us!

Jeon goes by enormous names....Do u know like what?

The enormous name reflected the various ways in which Jeon touches the life's of Koreans!

we have many things to tell u about Jeon! ㄳ


#Korean Food Story
KFS Manager: Shabnam(이슬)

2 profile_image The reason I choose this theme #Korean Food Story 3 2218
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I want to write the reason that I choose this theme!

Nobody like to be sick or get a cancer! Yes??
Do u eat sugar,chocolate,candy a lot??
Do you have bad habits that make u ill??
Do you have some  health problems??

Just watch what you eat!
Scientists found out we can cure many diseases by eating healthy food!
One of the healthy food is Korean food!
I'll tell u the secrets behind Korean food and how you can have a healthy life like most of Koreans!

The first food that we 'll read called 'GUK'...

1 profile_image Introduction my village _welcome to #Korean Food Story 4 2216
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I'm shabnam from Iran.The manager of #Korean food story Village!
This is my theme...I hope u join in and share ur info about Korean food but your information should be about the food that I post!
Plz,invite ur friends here...
I'll tell u Korean food story step by step and I'll tell u why Korean people Do! I mean (for example ) I'll tell u why Korean add lots of vegetables to their food....
Be sure you check out all posts!
Maybe I upload 4 posts for every food ! After that we can have infos about cooking!
Thanks for ur attention.



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