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Popular Traditional Markets Outside of Seoul

Probably only at the Korean marketplace, you will find most older generations manning their stands, ajummas (middle-aged Korean women) hunting for bargains, and groups of young ladies giggling and having fun. A trip to one of the city's busy marketplaces is an ideal place to soak up the genuine spirit of Seoul as an industrialized country with a lot of heart.

Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market

Busan Gukje Market -> For that reason, the place makes up an interesting mixes of customers making an attractive filming spot for many K-movies, K-dramas, often featuring as a backdrop of popular TV shows as well like ‘1 Night 2 Days’. Items sold here includes industrial products such as machinery, electronics, kitchen appliances, as well as clothing, food, agricultural products, fish, and dairy goods. Food in particular, it is famous for bibim-dangmyeon (Spicy Glass Noodles), yubu-jeongol (fried tofu stew), and ssiat-hotteok (sweet Korean pancake stuffed with seeds).

Bupyeong (Kkangtong) -> Jagalchi Market, Yongdusan Park and Bosu-dong Book Street are also located nearby, giving plenty of opportunity for visitors to explore the neighborhood.

Chuncheon Romantic Market -> traditional market in Chuncheon that sells hanbok, bags, shoes, clothes, electronic appliances, jewerly, and food.

Jeonju Nambu Traditional Market

Gyeongju Jungang Market

Incheon Sinpo International Market

Suwon Paldalmun Market

Daegu Seomun Market -> The market is sectioned into 6 major districts, housing roughly four thousands vendors and stores in total. It is second to none for offering high quality of fabric-related items like silk, satin, linen, cotton, knitted goods, and men's and women's wear. Visitors will also be delighted to find tasty foods including the famous Seomun's fish cake, dumplings, sujebi (soup with buckwheat dough flakes) and more.



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