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Hello everyone!
i am new here
I am so happy to be here!
please be nice to me! :)

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Happy and proud~

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EXO 'Electric Kiss' Dance Practice

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Happy birthday Kai!

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Happy birthday to this lil cute penguin

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Spring has come- Japanese TV series- Based on a novel.
This tele about a Kishikawa Naoko, a 31 years old woman who works in an undergarment department shop. By coincidence, she meets Lee Ji-won, a South Korean photographer who changes her life after their meeting, and starts to uncover her family's secrets bit by bit. EXO's KAI as Lee Jiwon

2495 profile_image The Nine Knights Chapter 11 (The beautiful Goat) LAY was at his filming set... 0 1
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The Nine Knights

Chapter 11 (The beautiful Goat)
LAY was at his filming set where was surrendered by a forest. He found a time to relax after an action scene. He was ling in an arms chair waiting for his next shoot. He had another two hour left for next scene. But he enjoyed watching his co stars and supported them.
The forest was spreaded to the mountains. LAY stared at peaceful, mysteries mountain range. Suddenly he saw a beautiful creature standing on a rock through the trees. It was a goat. It was the most beautiful goat he had ever seen. It was pure white like a puff of cotton wool. And it was sparkling like sun rise dropped in to a silver surface. LAY was enchanted by the beauty of the huge goat. While he watched it, he caught the goat’s eyes that he felt he had seen them before. It had Prussian Blue eyes like a deep sea at a full moon midnight. LAY felt to touch the goat. He stood up and had few steps towards to the goat. Then the goat turned to the forest and jumped to another rock. LAY waited and just stopped to give up following the animal. But he saw the goat was looking at him as it was waiting for him. That goat had curved huge hones. LAY got another few steps towards and the goat turned his back and got few jumps in to the forest. Following the goat LAY almost got in to the middle of the forest. Then the goat stopped and faced to LAY. He got few steps closer to the animal. At that moment the goat broke to pieces and God Chandra appeared.
“God Chandra, Where have you been” Little God ran to LAY and he hugged the little God.
“Did you finish your requirements? Are you now qualified God?” LAY cuirassed to listen to the God.
“Yes. I came to join with my sister and I missed EXO” The God smiled.
“We missed you too. And Congratulation for you become qualified.” LAY replied.
Little God said that he enjoyed watching LAY’s acting live. He further said that he came there as a clue he and his sister received. A group of people have been polluting the reservation. But he couldn’t find anything polluted. LAY too confirmed the area is so peaceful and eco friendly. However he promised to meet the God that night after his shooting. Then he heard the staff members looking for him. They departed and LAY met his crew. He said that he had a walk for fresh air. Without any delay he finished his duty.
Then he took his dinner earlier than the usual time and got in to the room saying that he was dead tired. He promised to meet the God sharp at 10.00p.m near to the forest. He lay on the bed till the time come.
At 9.30 he had left from his room. His crew was having a chat and drink. That they didn’t notice him. He drove himself. The roads were getting isolated at the time. There were few passengers saw in the road and rarely an automobile passed him. There was a huge empty land in a side and LAY saw a man cutting grasses even in that night using lights. When he reached to the reservation God Chandra had waited there.
“What’s happened to your goat image?” LAY asked.
“When I Change my image to a goat, my power had increased. I can push a live object a kilometer away. Even an elephant, 500 meters away” The God said.
“Whah, then I have no fear when I am with you!” LAY replied. God smiled and they went in to the forest with hand in hand. LAY had charged his torch and brought it with him. But he wasn’t need it, as little God lightered their path. And the forest fairies who recognized little God, lighted the trees. It was like a small lamps illuminated in whole forest. There wasn’t any darkness in that forest that night. Little God said that they were looking for pollution inside of the forest. But the forest fairies said that they weren’t reported anything about pollution around. However they all helped LAY and Little God to search any cases about pollution thoroughly in the forest.
“God Chandra, I think it was a wrong information” LAY said.
“Yes. I agree.” They thanked to the fairies and walked out of the forest.
LAY started his car and God sat on the top having free ride in the cool air. But at the middle of their drive they had to stop. The person who was cutting the grass was still working. Though it was 10 minutes pass the mid night. LAY drew the car in a side. He saw there were lights in many house around. He turned down the shutters. The noise of the grass cutter machine came inside of the car. LAY tapped the surface of the car top and said,
“Little God, here the polluted area”
God Chandra swept down on wind’s screen and asked where was the garbage. LAY said that it wasn’t anything regards to garbage. But that huge noise was a kind of pollution. He pointed the houses that still the lights on. That meant they were still a wake. Firstly they went to a nearest home and rang the bell. A middle age man came to the gate, that they guessed the Father of the family. He came closer and took a careful look at the handsome man stand infront of their home in mid night. He didn’t see the God.
“Oh you are on the TV” he said loudly because of the noise.
“Yes, it’s me on the TV. Can we talk for a while about this noise” LAY side.
“Say what?” The man turned his ear closed to him. And LAY replied. Then he opened the gate and welcome him. God followed them even the house holder didn’t noticed him.
They went inside and closed the door. Though the doors were closed they heard the noise. There was a girl and a boy and a lady. They explained the grass cutting was going on for two weeks and it became a major issue around the families. According to the lack of sleep children got sleepy at schools and couldn’t concentrate for their studies. LAY asked the reason they didn’t complained about the issue to the authorities. They explained the land owner had a high social status. So the Police also wait till the neighbors make the complain first. But they were afraid of complain it and hoping it will end in that week. LAY and God felt sorry for them. They decided to talk to the worker there. Kids wanted to took photos with LAY.
They went to the land. The man turn off the machine. LAY asked why he worked in night. He said that he was working in another place at the day time. While they talking the man got angry. He pushed LAY to the ground and that made LAY surprised. LAY stood up. Then the man came infront of him claching his teeth. LAY was ready for his second attack and moved safely. Then LAY gave a punch that made the drunken man down. LAY remarked that he have the magic box which given by Chanyeol. But he determined for fight himself, without wasting a magic box to save his life. However he controlled the man and went to the Police station.
There he gave a statement about the attack and the noise. He sat on the Police station and the little God next. Little God explained that the reason for the sudden anger of the man. That was manipulated by the evils. Evils got in to the humans minds and control them. Land owner rushed to the Police Station when he heard the victim was LAY. He begged LAY to not post that incident in his SNS. As huge fan of LAY, his daughter cried infront of her father to stop the noise pollution. The Land owner promised to stop the noise and do the grass trimming in another noiseless way. Body guards of the land owner volunteer to fetch LAY to his accommodation, but the idol said that he could drive himself. Little God wondered to see the reputation that a popularity can gain.
“Now I understand why Great God selected you guys for this mission” Little God said.
“Oh.. Little God. I really forgot that I have to act tomorrow. Can you help with my face?” LAY said pointing his reddish patches and wounds in his face.
“Ofcouse. Just wait” God sent a telepathy message to the Goddess Maya, who was nearby. At a few seconds Goddess came there. She wore a dark blue and red long dress and many jewelries. When she walk the sound of her foot bells made a music. The Goddess touched LAY’s face in both of his hands. The wounds disappear and his face became clear as earlier. He thanked to her. She left as soon as she did her duty.
“Me and my sister will go to another area tomorrow. But I doubt how much we can do our selves. Because of without human we can’t understand things sometimes. Like the Noise was a source of pollution, that I leant today.”
“I will join to you as soon as I finish my schedules. Then my little God, I wish you good luck. And here keep this. This is owned by Chanyeol. He was worry about me. But I think this will help you in your next journey.” He put the tiny magic box in little god’s palm. Then they hugged and farewell.

2494 profile_image EXO ‘Run This’ @2017 SBS 가요대전 2부 20171225 2 6
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EXO ‘Run This’ @2017 SBS 가요대전 2부 20171225

2493 profile_image EXO ‘Power’ @2017 SBS 가요대전 2부 20171225 2 3
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EXO ‘Power’ @2017 SBS 가요대전 2부 20171225

2492 profile_image EXO ‘KO KO BOP’ @2017 SBS 가요대전 2부 20171225 0 3
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EXO ‘KO KO BOP’ @2017 SBS 가요대전 2부 20171225

2491 profile_image EXO 엑소 '為心導航 (Universe)' MV 0 6
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EXO 엑소 '為心導航 (Universe)' MV

2490 profile_image EXO 엑소 'Universe' MV 0 5
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EXO 엑소 'Universe' MV

2489 profile_image EXO 엑소 'Cafe Universe' For You 0 3
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EXO 엑소 'Cafe Universe' For You

2488 profile_image LAY- Good Bye Christmas!! So beautiful and calm. 1 3
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LAY- Good Bye Christmas!!
So beautiful and calm.

2487 profile_image Merry Christmas Kisses from EXO villagers~^^!!! Let's enjoy this season of.... 1 2
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Merry Christmas Kisses from EXO villagers~^^!!! Let's enjoy this season of love and giving. Happy holiday!

2486 profile_image Nine Knights Chapter 9 (Just another day at SHINee’s cottage) It was a nice ..... 0 1
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Nine Knights
Chapter 9 (Just another day at SHINee’s cottage)
It was a nice morning. Sun was up and the Kitchen been warmed by the cooking of DO, Changyeol and Suho. Following day Junghyun went out for shopping. When he came out of the house it was still drizzling. When he came under the big oak tree a clear umbrella came down to his hands. He panicked. But Baekhyun saw it through his window in up stair and he saw Goddess Chaya sat on the branch of the oak tree. Therefore he knew that it was a gift from her to Junghyun. He shouted,
“It’s from me. Don’t get wet and ill our Golden voice!” Junghyun thanked him and brought the umbrella on his way. Goddess Chaya’s Umbrella protected him from the showers on his way to grocery and back to SHINee’s cottage. When he was back home he felt the mouth wetting smell of chef DO and his team’s Breakfast. EXO members were invited to stay another couple of days there. Unfortunately EXO’s manager with their vehicle were waiting for a tightly scheduled members. As you guess LAY has to leave for China for his upcoming events. As soon as they finish their meals he say goodbye to his friends and got in to the van. And Chanyeol too left with them. He said that he had to complete some work.

LAY quickly packed within few hours and moved to the airport. At the airport he met Chanyeol. Chanyoel rush to him and gave a small thing. It was the small magic box he got from Great God.
“Oh, you keep this. I don’t need it” LAY refused it.
“But you will be alone there. And remember the dirty evils are chasing EXO members. As you used your own gift to save us all last time, you don’t have anything for your protection” Chanyoel said.
However LAY didn’t take it and Chanyeol sat on the floor with crossed legs.
“I will protest here till you take this” He said and LAY had nothing to do. He took the tiny box and said “Then take care of your selves and don’t let me to cry a river if you guys got injured”
Chanyeol gave his cheerful smile. LAY’s pretty pink face bloomed with a smile. They say good bye to each other and promised to meet again.
The wind was cold. Chanyeol drove himself to SHINee’s cottage. It was nine past ten in night when he entered the small village. He rolled the shutters and felt the cool breeze of the rural environment. He felt he had to save this nature for the future generations. He saw Baekhyun was walking on the path. He honed and pull off the car. Baekhyn got in to the car.
“I went to the Grocery. Poor Junghyun walked thrice to the grocery for find the ingredients for DO’s cooking. He asked for spices for the 4th time and I volunteered for Junghyun before the grocery closed” They laughed.
“I wonder what DO is preparing” Chanyeol aske.
“Oh his cooking is great. Like mother’s dishes” Baekhyun answered. They drove near to the river. It was a full moon night. They saw a beautiful, shining lady who was standing facing the river. When she heard the sound of the vehicle she turned her head to watch the road and jumped to the river. They recognized that was the Queen of night, mermaid Sayuri. They just pull out the car to the SHINee’s cottage.
They park the car and got off. They saw a tall person with a beard sitting on the top branch of the oak tree. He was cleaning his ears using a feather.
“Who are you?” Baekhyun asked.
“God Ruk, I’m the God of forests. Today I’m in duty towatch you, appointed by Great God” the new God said. And he continued,
“I want to talk to you. Are you close with Goddess Chaya?”
“We had a short chat and got in to know each other” Baekhyun and Chanyeol said.
“Then could you please come above here. I have something to tell you” God Ruk asked.
“Just tell me. I can hear you properly” Baekhyun replied.
“That’s the reason. It’s a secret. So come here please” God asked.
Baekhyun started to climb the tree sending Chanyoel to home with the grocery. Baekhyun climbed a half of the tree and said “Now tell me, What’s the matter?”
“No. No. Come here. Otherwise someone will hear us” God said.
Baekhyun was so tired but he climbed to the top. Then God spoke. He had been in love with Goddess Chaya for five hundred years. And he was in fear that she would refuse him. Baekhyun knew that she had fallen for SHINee’s Junghyun because of his voice and look. She might be his fan. Fans were loving the idols, but when they meet the person waiting for them and chat every day making their day nicer, they all forgot about the idols who are they cheered up, by screaming and crying. So that God Ruk should take a turn. Baekhyun’s opinion was to confess his feeling for her. God Ruk shyly said that he would try.
EXO and SHINee members were having their dinner when Baekhyun came inside. They all went to sleep peacefully. The sound of grasshoppers made the relaxing music as last night.

2485 profile_image Nine Knghts Chapter 8 (Sherlock Guy’s cosy house) Suho and Kai explained tha..... 0 4
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Nine Knghts
Chapter 8 (Sherlock Guy’s cosy house)
Suho and Kai explained that Boy Band SHINee members have a quiet cottage nearby and thought of spending a quiet night. Suho had been there with SHINee member Minho and Kai had visited there with Taemin. Everybody accepted and Sehun said they must go somewhere warm and have a bed soon. Suho took a call to Minho. He explained that they have were all the members together and that they don’t have any vehicle except their bicycles while they faced an accident.
Minho and Junghyun reached the place with two cars. They said that they would driven again to get the others later. But Chanyeol and Baekhyn decided to get a bus as the bus stop in their eye vicinity. Though Minho and Junghyun didn’t agree with them Chanyeol and Baekhyun said that they were born tough guys who were fitted for any situation. Due to being sick, Xiumin and KAI got the front seats of the cars and others got in to the back seats. Chanyeol and Baekhyun covered their faces by masks and got in to the bus. They drove in a rural road and there were large fields full of harvest by a side and a river down in another side. They drove by the water. Sky was clear and the population was very scanty. Then they enter in to a lane which the road was covered by the oak trees in both sides. EXO members felt so happy to have a place that they felt secure from the dirty evils. When they came to the cottage, Junghyun parked his car and wait in front of the gate to meet the members who traveled by the bus while others entered to the garden.
Three of SHINee members were having naps. Minho called their names loudly,
“Oh.. these men, they will not wake up even the sky fall to their mouths”
EXO members took photos of them while they were sleeping, joking that they would post them on SHINee’s SNS. At that same time Junghyun came with Chanyeol and Baekhyun. They have bought Toothbrushes and bathing needs for all the members. Onew has waked up and he went to the kitchen to make some tea. Key and Taemin took their mattresses and went to their rooms to prepare them for their EXO friends. After having tea and bath EXO members fell refreshed. Suho called to their managers and informed not to worry.
Key and Junghyun bought fruits, vegetables and cooking ingredients by nearest local glossary. Onew was busy at the Kitchen. Then Chanyeol and DO joined with him. More hands made the work light. Chanyeol and DO apologized for the sudden visit of EXO and spoiling the vacation of SHINee. But Onew said that SHINee was extremely glad to have guests in their newly purchased cottage. They wanted to invite EXO and Super Junior there someday.
Baekhyun, Chen, Lay, Suho and Taemin were watching the KBS Music Bank on TV. Xiumin lay on the sofa and Sehun helped him to apply the Gel on his ankle. Newbie K-pop band KARD performed their song Hola Hola on Music Bank. Both EXO and SHINee admired their performance. Minho and Key did the laundering for EXO members. KAI was sleeping on Taemin’s bed and Junghyun was out.
When the dinner was ready they wait for Junghyun and called KAI. Junghyun came home without taking much time. But he said something strange that had made EXO members troubled.
Junghyun said that he went to the nearest pharmacy by walk as if it was not too far. On his way back at the beginning of their lane he felt a bad smell and road was extremely covered by thick smog. He said that it was unbelievable as the villages don’t throw garbage in to the roads and there were less population. EXO members got anxious thinking if the dirty evils were following them. They inquired whether the smog continued to the cottage.
“No. it was just at the entry of the lane. And also here the smell was as strong as it was there” Junghyun said.
EXO understood that dirty evils can’t came close to them because the environment was fresh around them. They wanted to hug their fellow band members for treating them nicely, warmly, freshly and friendly in that dangerous situation. They felt so safe there. After finishing the dinner, Baekhyun, Chen and LAY washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen with Minho and Taemin.
They let the lights on at the outside of the house and switched off the lights inside and lighted a lantern. They wanted to spend the day with fun.
“Hey it’s like we are camping. Shall we do a singing and dancing battle between EXO and our seniors SHINee?” Chanyeol said.
“Oh that’s unfair. You guys have 9 members and we have only 5. If two of you join to us we would agree” Onew answered. As a result Chen and Xiumin joined with SHINee. LAY played the Guitar. However EXO won and SHINee with Chen and Xiumin lost the game. As a punishment SHINee with C & X had sung another song before they wrap up. So they sang the beautiful, sad song “Don’t let me go” Shawol and all the K-pop fans even in foreign countries who were don’t know Korean cried when they listen to that song.
Baekhyun heard a knock behind the window closer to him. He was shocked and turned back to see who that was. It was Goddess Kusum. She called him out by her gestures.
Baekhyn went out and found the Goddess near the cherry tree of front garden.
“Goddess is something wrong? Why are you here at this time” he asked.
“No. everything fine. Two of my friends came to see me as they heard that I got ill today. So I told them about EXO. They were curious to see you. I and Great God too wanted to meet you because we didn’t met each other after that incident this morning”
“oh you don’t want to worry. We all are absolutely fine. And how about you?” he replied.
“I’m ok as you see. Then may I introduce my friends? This is Chaya, and her twin sister Maya. They just came here to see you and leave. But after listen to that last song, Don’t let me go, they wanted to listen to it again.”
“Oh.. that’s not all of our song. It was a song of SHINee’s album.” Baekhyun said.
“Can’t we listen to it again?” Goddess Kusum asked.
“Of course. I will give you a CD” he said.
“NO.Not CD. We want to see the sing live” Chaya and Maya said together.
“Ah.. oh..” Baekhyun got in to trouble. “ just wait. I will try. But I’m not sure. Because they were so tired treating us whole day”. Baekhyun smiled doubtfully and went inside. By gesture he communicated the ladies to watch them.
“Hay. That’s not a punishment for losing team. Rewind and sing the same song” Baekhyun said to his friends.
“What?” losing team said and even the winning team had decided to go to the bed.
“ But I’m not feeling sleepy.” Said Baekhyun.
However losing team sang it again.
Everybody went to the bed. Baekhyun, Chanyoel and DO shared a room. Baekhyun opened the window, three Goddess came there.
“Are you satisfied now.?” He asked.
Goddess Kusum and Goddess Chaya said they were satisfied. Then Goddess Chaya continued “And I liked the manly looking guy who has a beautiful voice”
“oh we all are manly looking. Aren’t we? ” Chanyeol said.
“but I like him so much.” Goddess Chaya gave the details and EXO members guessed who was that.
“Oh that’s Junghyun. Yes he has a great voice” he said.
“I want to find a clear umbrella as the song” Goddess Chaya said cheerfully.
“Goddess Chaya bloom the flowers. As she bloom the flowers, her heart has bloomed by him” Goddess Kusum said.
‘Yeh, Fighting!” Baekhyun said
There they saw another beautiful long haired girl sat on a branch of a tree by distance.
“Who is she?” DO asked.
“That it Sayuri. She is a mermaid. Don’t go closer to them” Goddess Kusum warned.
EXO members said good bye to them. He heard the Goddess laughing for a while outside.
They all had a peaceful sleep. The only sound they heard is creeping sounds of grass hoppers and the tik tik sound of the clock at the living room. At the death silent of the night that small sounds brought music to their ears. They found the sleep within seconds of getting in to the bed.
At the middle of the sleep DO suddenly woke up. He heard the sound of the clock. He check the phone to check the time. It was 2.50 a.m. Outside was completely in pitch dark. But he heard a different sound from the distance. He listened carefully. He recognized it as a sound of horse’s feet. It came from outside. Baekhyun and Chanyeol slept thoroughly. Without disturbing them DO shifted to the living room. Minho and Suho were slept there. DO opened the door and went outside. The garden was lighted by moon. He heard the sound of the horse feet properly then. But he didn’t saw any one.
“Oh..son, why are you here. Have some sleep. There is still time to Sun to be up” he heard it. And he looked around.
“Here, Here I’m here up above you” Then DO looked up.
“Oh God Soorya, You scared me” DO said.
God soorya ride as a square in the sky above to the SHINee’s cottage on a pure white horse back. Over that dark blue sky the god and the horse shined beautifully.
“ Oh I’m here for my shift of the petrol” God Soorya said.
“Your shift of the petrol?” DO replayed as a question.
“Yes, Great God had ordered to petrol every night for EXO. There is a list of Gods. So don’t worry. You all are safe. Go and have some more sleep. You worked so hard”
“Thank you, But aren’t you tired? You too worked hard” DO said.
“Oh I’m a God. I feel very less tired than you” God Soorya said.
DO obey him and went back to the bed.

2484 profile_image Chapter 6 (Beautiful Goddess Kusum) Goddess Kusum stayed at a bamboo house at t.... 0 1
profile_image 차투리카 Level 9 2017.12.19
Chapter 6 (Beautiful Goddess Kusum)
Goddess Kusum stayed at a bamboo house at the middle of the jungle. She regularly received the news of pollution. She waited for her brother. But time passed very quickly. So she decided to meet the EXO members as told by his brother. She dressed like a woman and followed the address. But when she entered to the main street she felt ill by inhaling smoke. She became weak. She got the support of Traffic Police. And finally she reached the address. But she felt difficulties in breathing. Later she felt faintish. She thought of calling the young ladies at the entrance. There was no other solution than to show up to them. Those were our beautiful Red Velvet. They were waiting for their vehicle.
“Excuse me ladies. Do you know EXO” She asked.
“of course. I think they will be here now” Irene answered.
“Oh my God. Lady you are not well!!” Windy said looking at her pale face. She took Goddess Kusum’s arm and fetched here to the couch, though their vehicle was waiting for them. Windy felt a very softness feeling on her hand, but she thought that because of the lady was very ill.
A VIP vehicle reached there. An idol with a cheerful smile but extremely tired face, got off from the van.
“Oh EXO Lay is here” Siulgi said. Four of them went forward to explain the story to Lay while Windy holding Goddess Kusum’s hand and sat on the floor next to the Goddess.
Lay guess that she must be the Goddess Kusum, dearest wife of the Great God. But he doubtfully walked to the direction where Goddess was laying. When he saw her shining Blue and red, long dress and unbelievable sparkling beauty he knew that she’s not a human.
“She looks very ill since she came here. I think she needs to see a doctor. We are participating to a program on KBS World. We can fetch her with us to the hospital and our manager will help her while we will be at the TV channel. “ Windy said.
Lay knew that if she was Goddess Kusum, she can’t go to the hospital. Then he said that not to worry and he would take her to the hospital. He said that was not pleasant to be late for the duties and he thanked them further.
Windy looked anxiously. And she thought the lady would feel free with Lay since they know each other rather than Red Velvet.
The Vehicle with Red Velvet moved towards.
“How do you feel now? Can you move?” He asked.
“Yes. I can move” She replied.
“So by chance, are you Goddess Kusum?” he asked. And she nodded.
“Then I think we need to go to a comfortable place that you can relax”
They walked to a lawn and sat on a bench.
“Can you have food? May I bring you a cool drink?” He asked.
“I eat sometimes. I’m not a powerful Goddess yet. Actually my brother is more powerful than me as a God” she smiled.
“Oh.. We thought that he is a child. But don’t worry till they return, you are not alone” and Lay tried to call the EXO members. But they were busy. At last Suho and Sehun pick the phone on their way. As they said that they were coming close to them, Lay asked them to buy some blend and strong two cool drinks.
Leader of the Band and the youngest member of the band met Lay and Goddess at the lawn. They have bought them soft drinks. And the Goddess enjoyed the drink and it rejuvenate her throat. She asked about their plan for their mission. They replied that they tried to deliver the message of saving environment in their events and they were individually working for the saving of the planet. But Goddess Kusum expected whole the world tot engaged in saving of the environment. They discussed that if they started to clean a crowd places, public will gather around them. They decided to go to the old warehouse that seems very dirty. They told the Goddess Kusum that all of 9 members will be there in this weekend. Goddess Kusum agreed and return to her bamboo house at the jungle.
Let’s see how they clean the garbage there.
Chapter 7 (Watch your steps!)
EXO and the Goddess agreed to meet at the shed at next Saturday. But onFriday night Xiumin got a great idea. He called to his friend Chen while Chen was enjoying his peaceful sleep.
“Chen, Chen tomorrow is free for all of us, ha?” He whispered.
But his voice wasn’t loud enough to wake up Chen. He called him a little louder than before.
Chen lightly opened his eyes and turned to Xiumin’s bed. Xiumin repeated.
“Yes. So what?” Chen closed his eyes again and turned to other side.
“Then we will meet Goddess Kusum at old shed tomorrow as a launching of our mission.” Xiumin spoke.
“Yeh. So have a sleep and boost your energy for tomorrow” Chen said.
Xiumin walked to Chen’s bed.
“Why not we go to fetch Goddess in forest?” Xiumin said with his beautiful smile. His bright eyes twinkled as stars at the night.
“What? What are you talking about? “ Chen get up and sat on the bed crossing his legs.
Xiumin explained how he reached to the narrowed, frosty road by mistake and how the he saw the litter vehicle which Goddess Kusum moved, and how the Leo of VIXX helped him to find the road. Xiumin explained the comfort he felt while breathing fresh air.
Chen was curious to hear it. He agreed to talk to others about this. Both of them pick their phones and rung to each of other 7 of members. They all agreed and told Xiumin and Chen to plan a nice trip as all of them were so tired after a hard day. They just wanted to drop to the bed and sleep.
Next morning was a wonderful day. Xiumin and Chen were the early birds who packed everything for the trip. They have made cheese sandwiches and coffee. When the sun was up, all the other members appeared as planned. DO brought the cake which he made with a help of his mother for his friends.
They drove to the spot that the narrow road began. They brought their bicycles with them, when their vehicles reach to the junction where the narrow road started, they sent their vehicles and the managers back and started to ride through the windy, free road .They have bought some simple tools which can use for cleaning. They tied them and packed to the bicycles. They enjoyed the cool breezy, silent environment. Sky was pure blue and white. They feel like the clouds move towards with them to see the beautiful Goddess. Birds were singing and flew parallel to the cyclists. One bird flew down and sat on the front basket of the Suho’s bicycle. It enjoyed the free ride with the idol and then flied to its’ flock.
After 20 minutes of riding they saw a bamboo house in distance and the Goddess Kusum with his guards waiting infront of the house. They smiled to each other when they came closer. Baekhyun controlled his bicycle paddles and looked at the sky. The clouds moved over the roof of the bamboo house. Then baekhyun waved, just like he stopped when he found his destiny and farewell to his fellows who travelled together with him.
Goddess and her guards greet them warmly. Guard fairies had prepared fresh fruit drinks for the EXO members. They knew that the idols will reach to their place just after when the idea came to Xiumin’s mind. The Guards were friendly with the idols. EXO members felt thirsty and lay on the floor of the bamboo house. Xiumin and Chen serve the box of Sandwiches while DO cut the cake.
“The cake didn’t cut equally. Who whats the biggest piece?” DO asked.
Sehun snatched the biggest piece of cake. And everybody laughed. Goddess served the fruit juice. They enjoyed their light meal. After having the meal they wave good bye for the Fairy Guards and started to ride to the warehouse. As Goddess Kusum hasn’t a bicycle, she had a ridden on the back seat of Changyoel’s bicycle. Lay, KAI, Xiumin got the lead. Then Suho, Sehun,DO and Chanyeol with the Goddess move towards. Baekhyun with Chen joined to them last. Baekhyun and Chen watched if the Goddess’s long skirt will wrap over the Chanyoel’s bicycle wheel.
They came to the warehouse at 9.25 a.m. It was a large area. The old building and the place have used as a store for a steal made company. After they gave up for that factory, they were planning for new project and cleaned the place every year. But some people came there and use it to pass the time and smoke. That made the place wild and dirty.
“So this is the place we are going to start our mission” Suho step forwarded. Others had a short search around the place and decided to start cleaning. There were so many dust and food containers, cans which were thrown everywhere.
They worked hard. And took photographs and posted them to social media networks. Before an hour ago they had their expected positive responds. Their fans EXO-L cheered up them. They said that they too will work to clean the indoor and outside at the same moment to engage with EXO. Some had posted photos how they work. As it is the weekend, they had a large response for their effort. Some said that in the same time they were working, they will clean their environment at the evening. Little girls promised that they will arrange EXO-L’s saving environment clubs when they go to the school coming Monday. Many fans and journalists wanted to know where they work at that time. But they didn’t identify the place. Goddess Kusum was amazed to see the mass popularity they had.
When the place became cleaner little by little, the dirty evils got angry and stopped watching them. The evils got in to action. They rolled and jumped from every direction to the idols and the Goddess. Goddess tried to stop them by using her power of pushing them away. But there were many evils than she expected. The idols supported by moving and covering. But the huge black and ash smog covered them in every direction like devils. The smog spinning and rolling around them. That made Goddess weaker and EXO members got in to cough and tears. Goddess tried to cover them all by a surface. But she failed and collapsed due to the evil power got stronger than her. EXO members ran to her. Evils covered them. EXO members stood to back up the Goddess. Suddenly Lay remembered the small magical boxes which given by the Great God. Luckily he used it as a key ring which the keys he always put on his pockets. They felt hard to breath. And the eyes were aching.
“Here, I’m going to open this” Lay opened the tiny box. That made other members remember about that boxes. That’s the moment that Kai and Xiumin realized that they too have the boxes with them at that moment. They always keep it with them with them because they loved little God Chandra so much.
When the box was opened the message was conveyed to the heaven. Great God felt the drizzling sound. He knew that something bad has happened on earth. He searched about it just a moment and found that the Goddess Kusum laying on the floor and dirty evils dancing around her and EXO members. He by himself came to the earth. Great God took 15 minutes of time to reach to the point. So that EXO members had fought to be safe and make safe others. They took their leather jackets and wave them to push the evil power. Evils moved one step back and they came close to them again. Great God rose to the place. A single punch of Great God’s the dust of dirty evils destroyed. The smog vanished and then that place become clear. Great God ran to the Goddess and he carried her out side of the building.
EXO is so tired and they sat on the floor to catch their breath. But they haven’t got a time to rest. A giant evil like a big black rock appeared. EXO members got up and tried to escape from it more than fighting. Another giant evil came and covered their way as they step back. That two giant evils block their way to outside of the warehouse. Great God saw that and quickly removed the giant evil. He fought with giant evil so hard. Suddenly giant evil caught him. Great God stuck on that tough, smelly body. Suddenly Baekhyun stood up and concentrated his mind. He ran to the evil and hit on his head and made his best Taekwondo performance. It wasn’t a lethal short for the evil, but it helped the Great God to escape from the evil’s grip.
They all tried to cover themselves and help Great God to beat the evils. But Great God became weaker and tired while evils became stronger. Suho noticed that they couldn’t beat the evils in that situation. He shouted :
“Run to out side! Run to outside! Find the good air! ”
But the second evil blocked them. One evil followed EXO members while other one followed the God. There was nothing else to support them. They felt that the end of their mission and the earth. They felt helpless that they can not save EXO L and their families, friends, relatives, even wild life. They stood with support of the wall of the building. Infront of them was the giant evil. They didn’t hear any sound of rush, run and move. Thought that Great God was caught.
The evil infront of them made a sound GRRRRRRR. At that moment Kai opened his small box. Yes God Soorya was faster than Great God. Within four minutes he came to them. He faired a fair ball to the evil’s back. Evil ran making a noise touching his back.
Then everyone looked for Great God. They saw Great God in the 1st floor.
“All of you hurry up and go. I will come with my brother” God Soorya said. But Kai and Xiumin came with God Soorya.
“You kids, Don’t worry about us. Go out and drink some water” God Soorya said.
But the two members didn’t agree. “No. Great God fought for us. So we want to stay with him”
They came to the upstairs. God Soorya fetched Great God and two members followed them. But they were not able to go out. The evil that they thought was killed by great god was only just collapsed. It woke up. It came to the EXO members. God Soorya and Great God have already left by then.
Xiumin and Kai pick some bars on the floor. They waved them. But the evil kept coming closer. Kai felt drowsy. He dropped the bar. Evil turned to him. Kai stepped by few steps. Then he felt the edge of the slab. Xiumin knew that Kai hasn’t a magical box. So he took his tiny box and opened it. An invisible layer came and catches Kai and landed him safely. Then evil turned to Xiumin, Kai looked above and ran to the stair case. But Xiumin stopped him:
“Don’t come. Go out and ask for a help.” Xiumin said.
“Hang on Xiumin I will come” Kai said. At the same moment Suho was looking out for them. Suho sent Kai out. And told Xiumin to move closer to the window.
“Xiumin Jump. We will catch you” Suho cried.
Xiumin came to the window. He got in to it and jumped to the other side. Evil came to the window and watched it. In that moment God Soorya jumped up and hit the evil’s head to the death.
When Xiumin jumped, Chanyeol, Chen, Sehun,DO and Lay caught him. Kai lay on Baekhyun’s shoulder. Suho came out and confirmed that all are fine. Then he looked for the Heaven’s team. He saw that they were too there at the distance. He walked to them. God Soorya turned to him with his arms on his waist. He spoke cheerfully.
“So young men, we did a great job today. We can win our goal if we work together like today. Well.. my sister- in –law is not yet recovered completely. I think my brother will stay with her for a time. How are your guys?”
“They will be fine” Suho said.
“That’s good. Though they have sober faces they are tough guys. Well then I’m leaving”
God Soorya smiled and disappeared with a flame. Suho turned to Great God.
“How can we help you?” All the 9 of members had a sincer feeling up on Great God and Goddess Kusum.
“The only thing we need at the moment is a quit place for rest. We need to go to the Goddess’s bamboo house at the middle of the forest. But before we leave, we want you all to leave safely ” Great God said.
“Don’t worry. We are fine” Suho replied. But Great God didn’t agree with him. So he joined to the members and explained the Great God’s request.
“ We can go to our dormitory” Chen answered.
“Yes, we can go there. But I have a better idea rather than our middle of the city, dormitory.
“Oh yeh, I know what’s on your mind. It’s very closer from here.” Kai shouted

2483 profile_image Chapter 4 (On the forestry way) It was a day of autumn. Morning sun shine beam.... 0 0
profile_image 차투리카 Level 9 2017.12.19
Chapter 4 (On the forestry way)
It was a day of autumn. Morning sun shine beamed to the earth. Sun shine say “Excuse me, Excuse me” to the branches of the tress and squeezed by them. Xiumin went for his usual track for the exercises.
He turned to a road with lots of bend that he never used before. The road is calm and quite. There were Maple trees in both sides towards the road. He was quite happy to breath fresh air.
“We must save this nice environment for the future generation” he thought.
He ran little faster than his usual speed. The road was extremely empty. He’s relaxing atmosphere had changed and he stopped by a sudden sight of a view. A litter vehicle drove by four men entered on his way from a byroad, at distance. And the curtains of it swayed a moment to the breeze. The he saw a beautiful lady in there. Xiumin started his run, but he felt that he had seen the lady before. He tried to remember where he had seen her:
“Yes! I remember her. She is the sister of God Chandra! God Chandra drew her picture on air last time” He talked to him self and wanted to discover the reason she was there. He ran fast to catch them.
He ran very fast. But the litter vehicle had gone. He looked around. Tall Maple trees were everywhere. They were humming a sound of Mu.. Mu.. Just like they were trying to tell where the litter vehicle went. He lost his way.
“Oh No! How can I find the way back? Should I dial the emergency number right now? He thought. He heard a sound of footsteps. He surprised to see a human image in distance. That was the first human he had met on this road. And there he felt so happy when he recognized who was that. That was VIXX Leo. They greeted each other.
“Oh! I’m glad to see you here. I lost my way.”
“Oh, Did you lost your way? Then let me show the direction” Leo replied.
“This is my secret place that I frequently come here” Leo added.
“So I discovered your secret place” Xiumin laughed. “By the way did you saw a litter vehicle here?” he continued.
“A litter vehicle? Something like in historical TV shows? No I didn’t. I have been here for 2 hours. ” Leo was surprised.
Xiumin puzzled. He guessed that must be the Goddess Kusum because they only visible to 9 of EXO members up to that time. Passing the huge trees they enter the main road. Though Xiumin missed his fresh air under the Maple trees, he felt glad to see the traffic on auto mobiles and busy road. Xiumin thanked Leo and they walked their own ways.
Chapter 5 (Little God Chandra)
After having dinner and a bath, Kai felt comfortable. He walked to the window and opened it. It was a beautiful quite night. There were many stars in the sky. He tried to recognize some star constellations. Orion the Hunter, who died by his lover’s arrow and yet waiting to return to the earth. He went to the small balcony. He watched the stars more carefully. He looked below. The trees were silent and the breeze blow cool. Birds slept in the branches of the trees with their little once. Suddenly he noticed a brightness though the trees. He looked carefully. Then he recognized that familiar yellow brightness of the God Chandra.
“God Chandra, Is that you?” He asked.
“ Yes. I came to return the things that I borrowed from you last time. May I coming?” Little God asked.
“Certainly” he waved his hand.
Immediately the little god moved to the balcony. Just like a soft light goes through the air. They went inside and little god returned everything which he brought that day, even the cupcake. Kai wondered to see that the cupcake was not spoil.
“Did you come alone?” Kai asked.
“No. with my sister. She is staying behind the trees” Little God had a walk around the room. He never touched any of the items, but he enjoyed everything with a smiling face. Last he looked at Kai and asked “Can we beat the evils?”
“We will try our best” Kai replied. And he was interesting to know about the little God.
“Do you have many friends of your age at heaven? I mean I think you are very young among the Gods” He said.
“There are gods in my age at heaven. But I usually not meet them. My sister is the only friend have since I came to the heaven” God Chandra came near to the bed which Kai sat. He too felt to sit there, but wait till he was being requested. Kai dragged him close to himself and made him sit next to him. “Where have you being before you came to the heaven?” He asked from the God.
“On the earth. We lived in a small farming village. My sister, me and my parents lived with other villagers. It was a happy time. Suddenly a disease spread to the village. Many people died. My mother was attacked by that illness. My father stayed with my mother. Myself and sister went to the next village to call a doctor. But we couldn’t reach the doctor. On our way the sky cried and there was thunder and lightning. I remember that scary day clearly. Lightning with heavy rains. We decided to return home. While we came close to the village a huge lightning flashed at our village. Whole village burned. I fell to the ground unconsciously. When I opened my eye, I felt that I was moving up and down. Me and my sister were on the horse back with Great God,Himayan.”
Later my sister explained, as she heard from Great God, the illness that attacked to our village have made by the evils. Great God with his army tried to beat the evils. That war we saw as a heavy rain, thundering and lightning. By mistake great God’s fired arrow hit our village. God’s army defended the evil power that day. But whole our village was burnt down. Great God and his fellow Gods had moved to our village quickly. But they were late. Everything had turned to ashes, except me and my sister. Great God have been suffering from the pain in his memories.”
“That’s the main point I want to do our mission against the pollution. I want to save the people, Great God and I want to wipe away our memories of that horrible incident.”
Kai took his hand. “We will stop the pollution!” The heard a knock. Chen has stopped by their door on his way.
“Kai, you have leave theses documents in van. And I….Oh.. our little God here!! Nice to meet you again”
“Thank you Chen. I forgot these documents. And yes, God Chandra have came to see us. We must stop pollution.”
“Yes. But it is not only that garbage dispose by the people. Did you hear DO and Sehun recently? Something strange!!” Chen became to think and shook his head as he remembers something. “I’m heading to my recording with Red Velvet, Little God , Do you like to see how a recoding is going on?”
God Chandra smiled and jumped from the bed. They leave the room saying Good Night to Kai.
Chen and Little God came to the recording room, where they were met by Red Velvet’s Joy. Little God enjoyed the recording of a beautiful song by Chen and Joy. However Joy didn’t notice that there was a third person.
God Chandra said that he would return soon he completes his whole examinations to become a real God. He and his sister have the responsibility to stop pollution. But he has to let her sister alone for a while until he finishes his duties at heaven. He asked Chen to help his sister, as she is not a complete Goddess who has invisible powers.



뮤직뱅크 출근길 - OH MY GIRL, THE BOYZ, MXM, N.Flying, MOMOLAND, etc (MusicBank/2018.01.12)
[Music Bank K-Chart] 2nd Week of January - MOMOLAND, Block B (2018.01.12)
[1Click Scene] The first fan meeting of 2D1N members at Kazakhstan! (2Days and 1Night Ep.679 )

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