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2402 profile_image Call Me Baby again 1 5
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But EXO is so silent!

2401 profile_image EXO Chen will appear on SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2' 2 10
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He will appear as a panelist but is expected to play an active role.


2400 profile_image The Nine Knights -Chapter 01 2 7
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It was a nice morning. The velvet green grass and the flora and fauna had grown well during the past months. White Unicorns run through the meadows with a flock of small birds. Birds fly high up and come down close to the each Unicorns ears and sing that he was the smartest among the stud of Unicorns. So the nodded their heads and neighed victoriously as a return. Who would not be flatted by those words?

The Great God of the heaven watched this amazing scene through the large window. Far away mountains still covered by the mist. The pure clouds were moving idly. Forest Fairies were yet trying to bloom the flowers. But flowers were too lazy to open the buds. Morning dews still laying on the trees and the grasses. Are the dews mean the little pieces of the stars which were broken while wind, mist and sun rise tumbling to welcome the day at the dawn or the tears which were fallen by the trees, who cried whole night watching the crimes on earth? Great God wiped his eyes and turn back to the window. He saw his brother in law God Chandra comes towards to him.He is so young. He is always a cheerful young god. But Great God puzzled the look in his face that day.

What’s the matter, Chandra? You don’t look well. The great god asked.

“ No. I’m fine” little God placed his back to the half wall of the window.

“ We breath this fresh air. But in the Earth people are dying because of the pollution.” The young God continued.

“ Though I have capability to help human, they pushed me away thinking that I was a child” The God cried.

“Don’t worry, Chanda.I’m impressed to hear that your hard working. That’s the reason I always believe Earth can be saved by the human them selves. There are good and evil both exist in earth. Evil’s power is growing. We need to empowered the good people. We need specific human characters for this effort” Great God explained.

“We should empower the people who can influenced the society to save the environment. We need to use  some elite people. But most of heaven council members disagreed with my idea” Great God looked far.

“ Politicians, Teaches, Artists must be elite people” Young God Chandra open up his ideas.

“ Yes. I already found the best people who can do this. They are an idol group. But I never had a chance to introduce them to our Heaven council as a result of they throw my proposal away”

“ An idol Group?”

“ Idol group means a group of young people, who sing, dance provide entertainment to the public. They are become popular among the young generation, even among the adults”

“So what is the idol group you had choosen? Maybe we can discuss about it with my sister and God Soorya” The young God get into interest on the words that he heard. He always liked to meet human and invole with them.

Great God become quite. He able to think again. He nod his head as he certain about his thoughts. Then he speak,


2398 profile_image Waiting For EXO Comeback 0 5
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Foto EXO-K I EXO-M Indonesia.

Foto EXO-K I EXO-M Indonesia.
Foto EXO-K I EXO-M Indonesia.
Foto EXO-K I EXO-M Indonesia.

2395 profile_image Please help me to find these answers about EXO 0 15
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Hi EXO L and Members of Kisses from EXO,

I am writing a story in my village Dear K-Warrioes and Heroes. It's about how to save the world by pollution. Both Heaven and Earth involed in the story. And EXO and other idols also in the story. My first chapter is alrady posted on my village. I know you all know more about EXO than me. So please help me to find the answers and support my village. Thank you so much.

1. Where's EXO practice dancing and siging?

2. What is SM COEX Artium?

3. Will they eat at the cafetarriea in COEX Artuium?

4. What is EXO Domatary?

5. What are the places that people can see them?

2392 profile_image Talk Talk Korea 1 21
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With CBX

2386 profile_image CBX look too graceful in new red costumes 0 13
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O.. They can speak nicely in Japaneeis.


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