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15 profile_image Moisturizing Korean Lipsticks III 0 459
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   7. Pony Effect That Girl Outfit lipstick

   8. Laneige’s Serum Intense lipstick

14 profile_image Moisturizing Korean Lipsticks II 0 517
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 4 .Innisfree’s Creamy Mellow lipstick

 5 .IOPE’s Water Fit lipstick

 6. HERA’s Rouge Holic Glow Texture lipstick

13 profile_image Moisturizing Korean Lipsticks 0 443
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          These lipsticks deliver great pigmentation without drying out your lips. Check out this list of moisturizing lipsticks.


1. Etude House’s Dear My Wish Lips Talk lipsticks 

2. Peripera’s Rouge Pang lipsticks.

3. 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Lip Color lipsticks





Source : soompi.com

12 profile_image Perfect Korean products 1 843
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Best for all skin types: Maple Tree Sap



    Size does matter when it comes to skin care, and that's exactly the reason maple tree sap is such a key ingredient. Maple tree sap, especially as the base of a product formula, delivers active ingredients deep into your skin fast. It's also great on its own, since it's rich in antioxidants and minerals that hydrate and protect skin.



Best for sensitive skin: Red Ginseng Sap



    Ginseng is like the OG multivitamin. For centuries, the root has been popular in Asia for its ability to strengthen the immune system and boost energy levels. The antioxidant-rich sap also contains a molecule called saponin, which kick-starts production of hyaluronic acid to reinforce and protect skin's moisture barrier. This in turn helps calm irritated skin, making it a super-soother for those prone to redness and inflammation.



Best for dry skin: Bamboo Sap



    The lightweight, gel cream is waterless, yet effectively hydrates skin with raw bamboo sap which mimics skin’s natural moisturizing properties. That same bamboo sap is what allows the plant to retain water and grow up to 23 inches in one day. The small vitamins encapsulated in the gel contain azulene, which is a steam compound distilled from chamomile plants, and burst on contact with skin to hydrate and plump the skin from within.

11 profile_image Spring Beauty 1 1010
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         Since the weather is getting warmer it’s now time to change your skincare routine!



LANEIGE Water Bank Mineral Mist


         It helps cool skin down, helps dry skin feel more comfortable, and leaves the skin soft, supple and moisturized. It is such a refreshing mist that gives tired skin a much needed boost. This product is best for anyone who likes using facial sprays or spray toners, anyone who feels the need to have a little skincare boost in the middle of the day. The scent is very refreshing and it suits for all skin type.



Lotus Leaf Extract Sleeping Mask


         The beautiful packaging, the lovely light scent, and the light texture of this sleeping mask make it a winning product. The lotus leaf extract in this mask goes to work at night while you're sleeping to help relieve stressed and irritated skin. Come morning you'll awake to a brightened complexion and hydrated skin which is the perfect base for makeup.



Rosemary Creamy Body Wash


         Rosemary leaf oil from Jeju Island makes skin clear and fresh and purifies the feeling after shower. It is mild and soft because it uses only pure vegetable oil which has excellent moisturizing capability, and it keeps skin's moistness after shower. This product is especially made of Jeju Herb.



10 profile_image Cute and Moisturizing Hand Creams 0 1043
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         Korean hand creams have the best of both worlds. On top of being moisturizing, they are often packaged in adorably cute bottles and tubes. Plus, they are often quite reasonably priced compared to higher-end brands. Below are the list of the best Korean creams out there to meet your hand care needs. These products will keep your hands well-moisturized, soft, and youthful.



The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream


         These lightweight hand creams are still moisturizing, but not deeply so. They’re perfect for individuals who frequently wash their hands and want moisture sans any stickiness. It might not be moisturizing enough for the dry winter, but it’s great for all the other seasons especially summer! If you don’t experience any dryness, lightweight hand creams are your best bet. The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Mini Pet Perfume Hand Creams are super-adorable and come in a variety of scents.


Tony Moly Fruit Hand Cream


         Hand creams boasting average moisture leave your hands feeling nourished but not overly greasy. These are great for people who want a little more moisture than the previous lightweight hand creams. With a slightly thicker texture, these absorb more deeply into your skin. If you love fruity scents, Tony Moly has a variety of cute fruit inspired hand creams. Shaped like actual fruits, these hand creams also smell amazingly similar to real fruit.


Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream


         If you favor hand cream in traditional tube packaging, Innisfree has some great choices. Their tubes of hand cream are definitely more portable and easy to toss into handbags and backpacks. Innisfree offers typical scents like rose and peach, but they also have more exotic selections including lotus, fig, hallabong, and cedar wood. Natural ingredients from Jeju Island serve as the inspiration for all of these scents.



9 profile_image Skin Care & Beauty Products 0 891
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Clean it Zero Cleanser


         The Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleanser is definitely one of the cult favorites. It comes in solid form, but once you apply it onto your face and rub it into your skin, the heat from your hands melts it into an oil cleanser. This cleanser is even better than an oil cleanser because it doesn’t leave an oily residue on your face after you rinse it off and it’s not as messy as an oil cleanser. Even the most waterproof mascaras and eyeliners come off with this single product.



Wonder Pore Freshner

         The Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner is also another cult favorite loved by many different Korean Youtubers. It’s a perfect toner because it cleanses pores of the excess oil and debris while minimizing enlarged pores and revitalizing the skin with its light and refreshing formula. This moisturizing toner also effectively balances the pH levels on your skin, resulting in noticeably smoother and softer skin.



Stay Shine Lip Syrup


         CLIO’s newest release of the Stay Shine Lip Syrup was extremely popular in Korea. The Clio Stay Shine Lip Syrup is a super glossy and moist lip tint that acts as a lip gloss. It covers your lips in a thin layer of shine without being sticky and attracting all your hair to your lips.

8 profile_image Popular Korean Cushion Compacts 3 0 1084
profile_image 2016.04.01



The Face Shop, Oil Control Water Cushion


         The Face Shop oil control water cushion definitely works as its name, it does control the oil. Further than that, it is also waterproof and can be last for almost a day. It has a very light shade that you may need to have a nice skin to use this cushion (as it doesn’t coverage blemish well). However, you can build up the coverage with this cushion without looking so cakey.



HERA UV Mist Cushion


         Using HERA UV mist cushion will give a smooth finish as it contains silicones. It provides plenty of moisture to the skin plus the cooling effect with clay-mineral water help to make your skin look natural bright. The sun protection with SPF 50+/PA+++ helps to save from sun damage.



Missha, M Magic Cushion Moisture Foundation


         Missha has become a famous brand not only in Korea, but also in the globe. Its BB cream is one of the most famous BB creams. The Missha M Magic Cushion contains ingredients help to against aging wrinkles and prevent from sun damaging (with SPF50+,PA+++). The Missha cushion provides a moisture matte and natural shine on the skin. The blue colored sponge also helps to add a natural look with its soft texture.



         Using BB cushion is easy and save time for those who wish to effectively conceal the blemish or spot on the skin. However, not all BB cushion is the right product for your skin type, so please choose the one which is best suit with your skin condition carefully as described above.


7 profile_image Popular Korean Cushion Compacts 2 0 942
profile_image 2016.04.01





VDL, Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation


         VDL cushion foundation has a very nice coverage giving you a super natural flawless look. This cushion foundation completely refines your complexion and last for long hours without changing colour or leaving you a cakey faces with the moisture-keeping formula. The most advance design of this cushion foundation is metal plate, which you can easily clean the application and get the right amount of the foundation. This foundation also comes with a slight powdery pleasant fragrance you may fall for the cushion.



Etude House, Precious Mineral Any Cushion BB Cream Compact


         The Etude House cushion has very good coverage that makes your skin look flawless and natural. The cushion contains pearl mineral powder, which can whiten up and refine skin condition. Be careful of building up your makeup with this cushion as it could cause a cakey face. It has 3 different shades: N02 Light Beige, W13 Natural Beige and W24 Honey Beige.



Holika Holika, Face 2 Change White Cushion


         If your skin condition is good regarding the complexion and you want a natural makeup look, then Holika Holika cushion is the best choice. It is best use in summer as the cushion contains menthol ingredients leaving the skin an icy feel and helps to constrict the pores, plus the moisturize and whitening effect. It doesn’t cause any breakout as it also contains 20g of tea tree, it is suitable for trouble or sensitive skin.


6 profile_image Popular Korean Cushion Compacts 1 1037
profile_image 2016.04.01





Laneige BB Cushion


         Like a souped-up version of a BB cream, this cushion compact contains SPF 50 for superior sun protection, plus mineral water for a more hydrated complexion. The press-on sponge applicator and mirrored compact make it easier for on-the-go touch ups, too.



AmorePacific, Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum


         Not only is it a simple BB cushion, it is also a skincare product contain anti-aging essence. Another special feather of this BB cushion is it contains high sun protection with SPF 50+, which helps to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Amorepacific cushion compact is best suitable for older consumers since it can refine the skin. This compact is also suitable for sensitive skin type as it is paraben free. A pack of the Amorepacific cushion compact comes with a refill.



Sulwhasoo, Evenfair Perfecting Cushion


         Besides the elegant packaging, The Sulwhasoo cushion gives your face a glowing and luminous look. It can also anti-wrinkle, protect from UV rays and gives a whitening effect. You will be impressed with the high quality of the coverage that it could last for almost a day without leaving your face a cakey look. It comes with a relaxing herbal scent, yet not an overwhelming nor artificial scent. Choose your suitable shades provided by Sulwashoo.

5 profile_image Korean Beauty Secrets to Getting Rid of Blackheads 2 1457
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3 Korean Beauty Secrets to Getting Rid of Blackheads


Blackheads are something we’ve all probably dealt with (unfortunately) at one point or another. They’re those pesky little dark spots on the nose and in your T-zone indicative of super tiny, clogged up pores — not underneath the skin, like whiteheads are. If you’re anything like us, your first thought may be Get. It. Out. You might have used a scrub or added products to your skincare routine with derm-approved ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, but those aren’t the only ways to get the gunk out of your skin. Enter: Korean beauty.

Known for its seriously innovative, industry-leading approach to all things beauty and skincare, Korean beauty takes a predictably different approach to blackhead removal, errr, blackhead treatment. “They can never really be removed, because they’re a natural component of the skin’s anatomy, but they can be toned down and made less noticeable,” says Sarah Lee, Korean skincare expert and co-founder of the as-seen-on-Shark-Tank brand Glow Recipe. Below, Sara and the other half of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang, share their secrets to banishing blackheads, K-beauty style. Read below for three alternative ways to get rid of blackheads.



KB3Double cleansing is an old-school K-beauty method that uses two separate cleansers (one directly after the other) to get the job done. You start by washing your face with an oil cleanser and then follow it up with a foaming cleanser. “This can be beneficial in the prevention of blackheads for two reasons. First, the skin is completely cleansed of comedogenic makeup (makeup that will clog your pores) and sebum (oil) buildup that contributes to these enlarged pores,” Christine says. “Second, an oil cleanser is similar in composition to that of sebum, so it will do a great job of helping to ‘oil up’ the pores, allowing impurities and clogs to slide out with gentle massage.”




kBTo target areas where buildup is a big issue, use an aqua peeler.  explains, “It’s an at-home treatment inspired by moisturizing chemical exfoliants that are very popular in Korean dermatology clinics.” This treatment will deep clean your pores thanks to its concentrated formula of alpha-hydroxy acids — in other words, it’s powerful stuff. Use its unique packaging — basically an oversized cotton swab — to run over any areas of your face that would benefit from this intense, precision exfoliation like your nose and T-zone.






While face masks are nothing new, rubber masks are def an innovative (and serious) step up when it comes to your skincare game. To tackle blackhead issues, Sarah and Christine recommend applying a rubber mask right after a hot shower — ideally when your bathroom is still steamy and warm — so your skin can soak up extra moisture. “A charcoal rubber mask is the Korean beauty answer to the Vaseline blackhead treatment because the concept is similar: trapping the heat and moisture of the skin beneath a rubber mask will both intensely hydrate the skin and start to soften sebum and clogged pores,” Sarah explained. Christine said another game-changing mask for blackhead treatment is a volcanic clay mask, which is another highly effective way to deep clean your skin after your routine cleansing

4 profile_image Secret Key 1 1082
profile_image 2016.02.16 smartphone
Hello girls! Do you know about this product? Its from Secret Key brand.

3 profile_image The Cold Weather Korean Skincare Routine 1 1261
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There’s the Korean skincare routine…and then there’s the Korean skincare routine when the seasons are changing. Yes, it’s about to get more complicated comprehensive.

The name of the game now that dry, chapped, irritated skin looms on the horizon is hydration—it helps prevent and reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and scarring by allowing skin to take in proper nutrients from other products. I personally follow a strict, almost OCD-like 10 to 11-step regimen because my skin is sensitive and about as dry as the Sahara. Here are some of the best (and personally tested) Asian skincare products buzzy enough to keep Korean skincare junkies sated and glowing through the harshest of winters.

(A word of caution: The Korean-derived regimen can be a bitoverwhelming, both time and cost-wise, but if you ask me, it doesn’t hurt to dedicate a few more minutes and bucks to look visibly flawless without makeup.)

Step 1 + 2: Cleanse Two Ways
First, take off your makeup; then cleanse again. It’s a tad repetitive, but it’s worth it. If you value convenience as much as I do,Cremorlab T.E.N. Cremor Cleansing Veil wipes are it. They’re extra moist, and come in a huge pack of 70 sheets. For the second step,Amorepacific Treatment Cleansing Foam lathers up into a pleasantly soft foam and washes away any remaining residue. Vitamin E microbeads burst and nourish your skin as you massage the cleanser onto your face, leaving it soft and clean (but not to the point where you feel your face will rip apart from squeaky-cleanness).

Step 3: Exfoliate
Gentle exfoliators live on every Korean woman’s beauty shelf, and they lend more effective results than your typical drugstore facial scrubs formulated with irritating AHA exfoliants. I use one about four times a week. Tatcha’s Classic Rice Enzyme Powder has no fragrance and leaves your skin feeling soft and looking brighter with just one use. Tatcha is a Japanese brand, but if you’re looking to stick to the Korean theme, the Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel is a botanical-based gentle exfoliator that leaves your skin feeling baby soft, but with some added fragrance.

Step 4: Tone
The Innisfree Green Tea Pure Skin toner got me through puberty. It’s got antioxidants and other botanical ingredients that thoroughly moisturize, while still fighting off oiliness. Enough said.

Step 5: Sheet Mask
Sheet masks right after you get out of the shower are truly a revelation. If you’re not doing this already, start immediately. I use the Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask for ultimate nourishment, or the Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask to calm my skin, which easily turns red after cleansing. I keep mine in the fridge to add to a cooling effect. It’s the best feeling to sit in bed with a sheet mask and a good read. Do it! Three times a week!

Step 6: Essence
The current star of the Korean skincare show is essence. Often mistaken for toner, which balances skin’s pH level, essence packs active ingredients deep inside skin barriers. The Cremorlab Mineral Essence is a great multi-targeting essence with no fragrance (and the bonus of pristine packaging). A personal favorite is the Belif Hungarian Water Essence, which contains a natural herbal formulation that Hungarian Queen Elizabeth used to bathe in (apparently she had flawless, ageless skin).

Step 7: Eye Cream
Once you’re in your 20s, not using eye cream is no longer an option. Trust me—and many other Korean women. Tatcha Revitalizing Eye Cream is super dense and great for dark under-eyes and fine lines. It also works around the corners of your mouth.

Step 8: Serum
Also winning in the packaging category, Belif Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate is an enriching serum that revitalizes the skin while smoothing visible fine lines. It’s formulated with glacier water and various herbs that deeply hydrate the skin.

Step 9: Moisturize
Rovectin Anti-Irritant Barrier Repair Ultra Cream is a hero of a product, flying off the shelves of lifestyle markets all over Seoul. The brand was originally created for cancer patients that suffer with skin deterioration and cell regeneration difficulties due to prolonged treatments. The cream guards against eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis—and it’s baby-safe. My skin is so flaky and never works well with regular foundations, but this particular cream has helped—you’ll be dewy without the extra layer of oil.

Step 10: Oil
Apply Aromatica’s Organic Argan Oil before heading off to bed—it’ll lock in moisture without making you look shiny during your day.

Step 11: SPF
Then comes sun protection. Cremorlab Sun Protective SPF35 pa++is, so far, the only sun protectant that hasn’t caused my skin to break out into a bumpy-red rebellion. This product is very lightweight and can be used as a makeup primer.

As for cosmetics, I like to keep my makeup minimal. I always use the Hera Cushion Compact in C21 (which is super pale and fit for fairer skin tones) to hide blemishes and even out my complexion. If you are tan-skinned, I recommend purchasing the darker N tone. This specific cushion compact was developed in Amorepacific’s R&D center for 7 years, and it leaves your skin dewy and glowing. It’s the perfect addition to any beauty bag. Go ahead, indulge.

2 profile_image Hot Products from KOREA 7 853
profile_image 2016.02.06



                    Let's check it out below :



      1.  Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off – If a sheet mask isn’t your thing, try this black sugar mask with vitamins, glycolic acid and nourishing minerals. The mask’s texture will exfoliate your skin, sloughing off any oil or dead skin cells and tighten all over in just 10 minutes.


      2.  Amore Pacific Cushion Compact – This foundation is suitable for any skin type. You can keep a cushion compact with SPF in your bag for touchups.


      3.  Innisfree Green Tea Mask - This mask is loaded with herbs and antioxidants to help revitalize your skin. Pop it on for 10-20 minutes after cleaning your face and remove for a more even complexion. The smell is soothing too!


      4.  Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream – Don’t let the snail mucus ingredient scare you, this gel fights a multitude of problems. It can brighten skin, fade acne scars, zap zits, and slow down aging. This skin smoothing favorite can be applied multiple ways–all over, just on affected areas, alone or before moisturizer, and twice a day or only before bed.


      5.  Too Cool For School Art Class Pencil Eraser Eye Makeup Remover –  Just like a pencil eyeliner, use this pen to remedy any eye makeup mishaps instantly. You’ll have better control over removal thanks to the shape of the product.


      6.  Nexcare Acne Dressings – These little stickers help fight back against nasty breakouts. If you’ve got one pimple keeping you down, apply a sticker before you go to bed and your blemish will be noticeably smaller come morning.


      7.  Tonymoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch - This cute lip mask claims it will hydrate and smooth your pout with just one application. You simply apply it over your lips and press to create a suction to keep it in place. It may be best worn home alone while repairing dry lips from sun and wind damage.


      8.  Face Shop Rice Water Brightening Cleansing Light Oil - Avoid harsh makeup removal with this cleansing oil. It removes all makeup, hydrates skin and contains moringa oil (known for its detoxifying qualities). The product works without causing over-drying and irritation on every skin type.



1 profile_image some tips of korean beauty 9 816
profile_image 2016.02.06

1. Oil cleanser 

Oil cleansers are an essential step for all skin types. They remove oil-based debris such as makeup, sebum, and soot.

2. Foam cleanser 

This is the second part of the double cleanse, which is necessary to thoroughly clean your skin at the end of the day. Foaming cleansers remove water-based debris such as sweat and dirt.

3. Exfoliator (optional)

Not to be used daily, exfoliating renews your skin by scrubbing away dead skin cells.

4. Toner 

This softens, moisturizes, and preps your skin to better absorb the essences and serums to follow. It also resets your pH balance after using the cleansers.

5. Essence 

This typically contains an active ingredient that optimizes your skin’s natural cell turnover rate—think skin regeneration.

6. Serum 

A  more concentrated version of an essence, usually thicker in consistency. Different serums can hyper-target skin issues and are meant to be layered.

7. Sheet mask 

A mask is sometimes used in place of an essence.

8. Eye cream 

This is meant to hydrate and protect the skin around the eyes.

9. Sleeping mask 

Apply this to intensely hydrate and restore firmness as you sleep


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