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359 profile_image On Hongbin's bithday!! CR- Twitter 0 9
profile_image 2018.10.13
On Hongbin's bithday!! CR- Twitter

358 profile_image KEN-Late Regret 0 12
profile_image 2018.08.16
KEN-Late Regret

357 profile_image Are you Human KBS Drama OST by VIXX 5 10
profile_image 2018.07.12
Are you Human KBS Drama OST by VIXX

356 profile_image LEO and Sejeong GUGUDAN WE are RED 1 15
profile_image 2018.05.31
LEO and Sejeong GUGUDAN WE are RED

355 profile_image VIXX 5th Anniversary video 1 7
profile_image 2017.06.11 smartphone
Soooo nice

354 profile_image Man to Man ost Take your Hand by VIXX 0 5
profile_image 2017.06.06 smartphone
WOW so nice.

352 profile_image Leo with EXO Suho 0 12
profile_image 2017.06.05 smartphone
Nice nice

351 profile_image Dance practice Shangiri La 1 7
profile_image 2017.05.29


350 profile_image VIXX’s Ravi Speaks Out Against Plagiarism 0 8
profile_image 2017.05.22

VIXX’s Ravi has sent a message to those who copy his and his group’s work after a new case of apparent plagiarism has come to light.

On May 21, Ravi took to Twitter to post a series of tweets that address the issue of plagiarism and the attitude that creators take when they are inspired by other works. His message is as follows:

“The phrase ‘I want to become a trend’ does not mean I’m telling others to take my music and copy it, and to disregard and hurt our fans.

“When making music, there is a clear difference between being influenced by something by using it as a reference and simply pasting it in. There is also a difference between being bold and being shameless.

“As a creator, it is possible that one might make mistakes, and it is possible that one might take pride in their work. However, I think that there is a big difference based on what one says. I am incredibly repulsed by the actions of those who disregard and hurt my fans, who love and support me and my music.

“In regards to ‘plagiarism’ and such, rather than fighting over whether it’s true or not, I had been thinking positively about this by thinking ‘Ah, so we influenced someone,’ because we also receive inspiration from others.

“I hope that everyone who is influenced by our content and creates something will think wisely, and I hope that they will not do things that are harmful to us and our fans.”

Ravi appears to be addressing the recent controversy over similarities that fans have pointed out between a new OST for the Chinese film “Father and Son” and VIXX sub-unit VIXX LR’s 2015 track “Beautiful Liar,” which Ravi co-composed. Fans have highlighted the similarities through videos such as this one on Weibo, in which the two songs are played simultaneously.

Although this is the most recent incidence, there have been a sad number of cases recently in which artists have released works that have been influenced by VIXX without proper credit. Those cases include two songs that were released this year by non-Korean artists that many listeners noticed sounded very similar to VIXX’s “Dynamite.”

Meanwhile, VIXX is currently promoting their track “Shangri-La” off their new mini album of the same name, which features a unique concept that has earned the group plenty of praise.

J.K 21 May 2017 Snoompi

349 profile_image At Yu Huiyeol's sketchbook 0 10
profile_image 2017.05.22

On the May 20 episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” Urban Zakapa, Roy Kim, Samuel Seo, and VIXX appeared as guests.

MC Yoo Hee Yeol announced at the beginning of the show that the episode would feature artists known to sell out concerts in honor of fans without the time or money to attend concerts in person.

VIXX began their performance with their remake track “Love Equation” on their first performance on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” in three years. Leader N said, “We really wanted to have a chat with our teacher Yoo Hee Yeol,” but Yoo Hee Yeol objected to the formal honorific and joked, “We’re not that far apart in age so call me hyung.”

Referencing VIXX’s reputation as “concept idols,” Yoo Hee Yeol asked them to pick their most shocking concept. The members went with their infamous performance of “Hyde” with black lipstick and commented that for a long time their nickname was “chunjang [thick black soybean paste used in jajangmyun] idols.”

VIXX, who recently completed their solo concert “Daydream,” also talked about their conception dreams. Conception dreams are dreams that expecting parents have about the upcoming birth of their child and are thought to be portentous of the child’s future. Many dreams are about symbolic animals such as dragons, tigers, golden toads, etc.

N said, “Mine was about a chestnut. All my friends had really cool dreams but mine was a chestnut, so I cried a lot.” Yoo Hee Yeol said commiseratingly, “Mine was about a boy picking flowers dressed as a princess on a field in Switzerland.”

VIXX also performed their new comeback song “Shangri-La” and demonstrated the signature points of their fan dance.

C.Hong Soompi

348 profile_image Shangri-La MV 0 5
profile_image 2017.05.15

they dance beautifuly.

347 profile_image Nice collection of songs 0 9
profile_image 2017.05.09

Best wishes

346 profile_image Concept Performance 1 15
profile_image 2017.05.07


345 profile_image Happy Birthday KEN 0 3
profile_image 2017.04.06 smartphone
Wish you a Happy Birthday and all your dream come true!!!!

344 profile_image Congratulation Love From BTS 0 11
profile_image 2017.03.26

Congratulation for the Village Love from BTS, For winning the best village of the month!!!

343 profile_image [Ravi] RAPBEAT SHOW AUSTRALIA 2017 -1 13
profile_image 2017.03.21


Date: 2017. 7. 1 (SAT) 6pm
Venue: The Dome at Sydney Olympic Park
Buy Tickets: http://www.ticketbooth.com.au
Ticket Open: 2017. 3. 23 (Thu) 6pm

#빅스 #VIXX #라비 #Australia
#랩비트쇼 #rapbeatshow 

Directed by @culturethink_kyom

Cr: https://www.facebook.com/RealVIXX/

342 profile_image N's Blindfold Dance 1 10
profile_image 2017.03.18


341 profile_image VIXX - N's Dance Compilation 0 12
profile_image 2017.03.18

Wow!! Leader oppa!!

340 profile_image Dance for Girl band songs 0 6
profile_image 2017.03.18

Ha Ha....


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