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Hello Everyone! I was searching here for A-Pink!But Couldn't find a village for them! So I decided to make this village for them! Thank you:)
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68 profile_image Apink Namjoon & BTOB 0 542
profile_image 2017.01.14

They are so cute!! >.<

67 profile_image A-Pink Comeback:ONLY ONE 0 1314
profile_image 2016.09.26

Give Love and Support for APINK

66 profile_image A-Pink Revolution Teaser^^ 0 1106
profile_image 2016.09.24

Please give love and Support for A-Pink^^

65 profile_image A-Pink's Hayoung is Demure And Vivid in Comeback Teasers 0 1278
profile_image 2016.09.17

Apink’s Hayoung is the final member to release individual teaser images for the group’s upcoming comeback with their third studio album “Pink Revolution.”

The teasers were released through official SNS channels and feature two different styles just like the other members.

One photo show Hayoung wearing very fall-appropriate clothing with a warm knit sweater and a brown skirt. The other image is more colorful and features the Apink member wearing a striped shirt and bright skirt. Her natural top-knot contributes to a lovely look.

64 profile_image Namjoo Teaser for the album:) 1 3922
profile_image 2016.09.09 smartphone
Give love and support for Apink:)

63 profile_image Apink’s Son Naeun Is Dreamy And Vibrant In Comeback Teasers 2 854
profile_image 2016.09.08

Apink’s Son Naeun is next to unveil individual teaser images for the group’s upcoming comeback!

On September 8, Plan A Entertainment dropped Naeun’s teasers through various social media channels. Just like her members preceding her, she has two teaser images featuring different concepts and styles.

The first photo shows Naeun wearing beige and tan clothing with a nature-filled background. The second teaser image is more colorful with a vibrant orange background. She also wears more modern clothing including a metallic skirt and bright collared shirt.

Apink will be making their comeback with the release of their third studio album “Pink Revolution” on September 26.

Stay tuned for more teasers!

62 profile_image A Pink’s Bomi Is Feminine In Comeback Teasers 0 947
profile_image 2016.09.07

With A Pink’s upcoming comeback, teaser images for Bomi have been released by Plan A Entertainment.

One image shows Bomi wearing colorful clothing staring into the camera resulting in a mysterious aura. The other image features the A Pink member wearing a light and feminine outfit appropriate for autumn.

A Pink’s third studio album “Pink Revolution” will be released on September 26.

61 profile_image A-Pink Reveal beautiful new teaser images of Eunji^^ -1 859
profile_image 2016.09.07

Today's member Eunji looks soft and elegant posing against blues and greens. It looks like judging by the teaser images we've seen so far, we can assume that A Pink's 3rd full album 'Pink Revolution' will capture the girls' matured, upgraded charms and talents.   

60 profile_image Apink to drop new album this month 0 733
profile_image 2016.09.05

SEOUL, Sept. 2 (Yonhap) — K-pop girl group Apink will release a new album this month, the group’s management agency said Friday.

“Apink will drop its third full-length album on Sept. 26,” Plan A Entertainment said, without unveiling the title. “This is the group’s first full-length album since its second ‘Pink Memory,’ which came out in July last year.”

The members have so far engaged in solo activities, appearing on TV entertainment programs, in drama series and releasing solo albums, or doing overseas activities over the last one year and two months.

In Japan, they held a five-city concert tour and released group single albums in July and August this year.

“The album contains plenty of quality music to present a new phase of the group after a long hiatus from their home stage,” agency officials said.

Debuting in 2011 with their first extended play album “Seven Springs of Apink,” the band is best known for such hit songs as “Mr. Chu,” “NoNoNo” and “LUV.”

59 profile_image A Pink’s Chorong Is Innocent And Dreamy For Comeback Teasers 1 752
profile_image 2016.09.05

More comeback teasers for A Pink have been released, starting with member Chorong!

A Pink dropped their first teaser image on September 2, with a black and white image. The latest teaser photos were released on September 5, and depict Chorong in different themes. The first teaser photo reveals Chorong dressed in pastel colors and lace, while the other photo reveals a more bold, dreamlike imagery.

A Pink’s agency Plan A Entertainment talked about their comeback, saying, “After a year and two months, A Pink is making a comeback with their third album, which will reveal the group’s growth and maturity. The members have proactively participated in the songwriting as well as coming up with the concept. Starting with Chorong, we will consecutively reveal teasers of each member to slowly unveil the new album’s concept.”

A Pink plans to make their comeback on September 26.

58 profile_image Good Night Amazing A-Pink 0 737
profile_image 2016.09.03 smartphone
Good Night Pink Pandas! See you all tomorrow:)

57 profile_image A Pink’s ‘Summer Time!’ is super hot 0 706
profile_image 2016.09.02

Within just two days, A Pink sold about 22,000 copies of its latest release.On August 5, the group’s newest and sixth Japanese single, “Summer Time!” was ranked first on Tower Records’ daily chart and third on Oricon’s daily chart, Soompi reported.It was released on August 3.

It may be noted that the group has released six single albums so far and one full album in Japan, all of them turning out to be super hits. To celebrate its latest launch, A Pink will be holding fan events in seven different Japanese cities.


55 profile_image BoMi Suppots Na-Eun by singing 'Without You' for the drama "Cinderella and Four Knights" 0 642
profile_image 2016.09.02

A Pink's Bomi is showing her support for fellow group member Na-Eun for her current drama by singing an OST!


54 profile_image A Pink Drops Their First Teaser For Upcoming Comeback 0 484
profile_image 2016.09.02

Get Excited Pink Pandas!

On September 2, Plan A Entertainment dropped the first teaser image for A Pink’s comeback through various official SNS accounts.

The black and white image says “A Pink 3rd Album” and reveals that it will be released on September 26.

It's the time to show our Love & Support for Beautiful A-Pinkheart

52 profile_image Join The Village^^ 0 700
profile_image 2016.08.18

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing great!

I would like to tell you that you also can participate in the KOKO village board under amazing A-Pink village,If you have something to share with other villagers!

And also not only about A-Pink,But also you can introduce your self to the others to get to know each other and make some friends!

Hope to see your active participation on Amazing A-Pink!

Thank you!

Have a Beautiful day everyone!

Take care:)heart

51 profile_image Happy Eunji Day! 0 671
profile_image 2016.08.18

Today is Jung Eunji's' Birthday!

We wish her a Happy Birthday and a Bright Future!

Love you loads Eunji Unni!heart

50 profile_image A Pink Holds Japanese Tour For Release Of New Single Album 0 936
profile_image 2016.08.05

Girl group A Pink commemorate the release of their Japanese album “Summer Time!” by embarking on a relay event tour through seven cities!

Plan A Entertainment announces, “Before the release of their sixth Japanese album, A Pink began a relay event tour in order to meet and make special memories with their fans from seven different cities, from August 1 to 7. On August 1, the event kicked off in Fukuoka and will continue in the following days in Hiroshima, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo, and Niigata.”

In Fukuoka, the members were generous with their fan service as they looked each fan in the eye while handing them carefully prepared cards, mingled with them, and gave them messages of moral support.

The first stop of the tour attracted a large turnout, with fans hoping to meet A Pink already flocking the venue several hours prior to the event.

The girl group returned the fans’ support by entertaining them with various live performances, including the Japanese version of “NoNoNo” which they debuted in Japan with.

A Pink drop their sixth Japanese single album “Summer Time!” on August 3.

Recently, they wrapped up six shows in five venues for their Japanese live tour “Pink Summer.”

49 profile_image A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Urges Fans And Reporters At Airport To Make Way For Elderly Woman 0 816
profile_image 2016.08.05

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji is being commended for her recent display of good character during an incident at the airport.

On July 18, a video was uploaded on YouTube revealing the singer’s act of consideration for an elderly woman at the Gimpo International Airport on July 16.

In the video, A Pink arrives at the airport on their way to the “A Pink 2nd Live Tour 2016 – Pink Summer” in Japan.

The Gimpo International Airport is bustling with fans seeing them off and reporters covering their departure to their tour, causing a slight commotion around Jung Eun Ji and the other members.

In order to get a better view and take clearer shots of the girl group, fans and reporters alike flock around them. In the middle of the commotion, Jung Eun Ji greets the reporters courteously and then raises her voice to say, “Please let the grandmother pass.”

The fanfare around A Pink had made it hard for a senior attempting to walk through the crowd. Seeing this, Jung Eun Ji urges the people blocking the elderly woman’s path to allow her to pass.

After a fan-taken video of the incident was uploaded on YouTube, the singer has been receiving praise for her display of good character.


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