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8 profile_image Lee Min Ho Officially Confirms Military Enlistment 0 1
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Lee Min Ho has officially confirmed that he will be enlisting in the army in less than 4 weeks.


Insiders first leaked that Lee Min Ho will begin his mandatory military service on May 12, serving as a social worker in Gangnam. Lee Min Ho and his agency have now confirmed the news.


Lee Min Ho’s status as a social service worker stems from his injuries suffered from a serious car accident with Jung Il Woo in 2006. He had to get a metal rod inserted into his leg and also fractured his ankle.

Lee Min Ho’s agency, MYM Entertainment has made an official statement confirming the enlistment date and details.

“The enlistment date for Lee Min Ho was confirmed today. It is true that he will be starting his military service on May 12 in Gangnam as a social service worker.”

— MYM Entertainment


Earlier in the year, it was reported that Lee Min Ho would be enlisting in March or April, but his agency denied this by saying they had not received his enlistment letter. It seems like the letter has now arrived, and Lee Min Ho will be serving his mandatory 2 years.

Due to an existing military regulation that applies to Lee Min Ho, he will first serve as a social service worker starting May 12. He will not go to boot camp training immediately.

source: koreboo

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I just saw this video and thought to share with you.

6 profile_image Lee Min Ho Releases Official Clarification Statement About Enlistment Date 0 4
profile_image 2017.01.31
lee min ho

With new rumors swirling about Lee Min Ho’s enlistment date for his upcoming mandatory military service, his agency has released an official statement to clarify the issue.

On January 31, MYM Entertainment stated, “Lee Min Ho has not received any information about the exact date of his enlistment. He has not even received his notice of admission.”

Previously, a media outlet reported that Lee Min Ho would be enlisting in March or April following his domestic fan meeting in February.

Lee Min Ho will be carrying out his mandatory military service as a public service officer after his 2006 car accident required the insertion of metal screws in his leg.

The actor recently starred in the SBS hit drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” which wrapped up its run on January 25.


source: soompi


5 profile_image Lee Min Ho thanks fans for loving 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' 0 18
profile_image 2017.01.28

Lee Min Ho wants to thank fans for the success of 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'!


The SBS drama came to a close on January 25. A day later, Lee Min Ho shared words of thanks via his label, and said, "The 5 months living as Jun Jae was overwhelming happiness. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the fans who watch over the path of actor Lee Min Ho with warm hearts. I would never forget your hearts which allow me to be who I am and the support that makes me a better self." 


source: Allkpop


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hi friends... i am minoz.. nice to meet u all

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I want to watch this drama. I think it is based on a nice story.

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Welcome all

1 profile_image Legend of the blue sea 0 17
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I'm truly in love with this drama and these two, they're so sweet heart



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