Yang Hyun-seok Announces Stance on Song Plagiarism

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YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-seok has announced his stance on the plagiarism issue surrounding his singers' songs.

In a message that Yang posted on his company's Web site he wrote, "Sony ATV Music Publishing, which manages the copyrights of domestic and foreign musicians, has requested the original songwriters to provide their answers to YG as soon as possible. If the original songwriters ask me to go through legal procedures, I will cooperate. But if the writers or the court decide that the four songs in question are found to have not been plagiarized, I will take action."

On September 21, Sony ATV said that it had sent notifications and warnings through its attorney to YG and the songwriters in question with regard to four songs from YG's singers--G-Dragon, Big Bang and 2NE1.

Yang rebutted Sony ATV's warning as legally invalid. With regard to G-Dragon's song "Heartbreaker," whose rap part is similar to the song "Right Round" from the American hip-hop artist Flo Rida, Yang said that "Right Round" was popular only among the young fans of overseas music and that the allegation that it had been plagiarized made no sense because it had been adapted by G-Dragon.

Yang also added that the original overseas songs in question were unpopular among YG's songwriters and that he personally had never heard the song "Just Go" from Lionel Richie, which YG's songwriters allegedly plagiarized when writing the song "I Don't Care." Yang said, "All these songs were written by experienced producers who have high self-esteem. The damage that they have received from Sony ATV won't be easy to mend. The public now thinks that YG is a team of plagiarizing songwriters. Since Sony ATV's responsibility is to protect songwriters, it should respect the opinions and rights of both sides."

Despite the controversy, the song "Heartbreaker" has topped various music charts and TV music shows.


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