Late Park Yong Ha Still Lives in Japanese Fan’s Mind

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The host gave the late Park Yong Ha’s photo that was taken at the concert in Kawakuchi on June 26, his autographed signature, and the thank you note that his older sister had written to his fans as a representative message from the bereaved family, to his fans who visited the hall. The letter that his sister Park Hye Yeon had written for the fans began by saying, “To the many dear fans who have loved and helped my brother Yong Ha.” She continued to write, “I do not know how I can start this letter. Still, I cannot help crying. Just like all of you, our family members are in deep sorrow. I think that we need more time until we can accept this situation. Yong Ha had loved his work and he had dreamed of many things. He also had wanted to become happier with his family. Our Yong Ha who had been healthy in his body and mind and who had had a bright personality, no longer stays with us.” She expressed her sadness and continued to write, “Our family cannot understand the reason why Yong Ha left us so suddenly like that because he always used to talk about pleasant and happy episodes to us. But our family and all those people who had helped him so far want to treasure everything that he has left behind.”

Park Yong Ha’s unreleased photo which had been taken for the album jacket of his mini album entitled “Once In A Summer,” which was released in July last year, was unveiled as the picture of the deceased, and Park Yong Ha’s guitar that he had used to play when he performed in concert was displayed at the platform prepared for offering flowers. The late Park Yong Ha’s mother and older sister came to the hall and prayed for him when they arrived earlier at around 9:30 am.

Park’s close friend and famous producer Tsunku (42) also offered flowers for the dead. At around 10 am in the morning, more than 4,000 fans gathered in the hall and formed a grand procession which was so long it's end was difficult to see.

The organizer had to order more white carnations as an unexpected number of fans came to offer prayers for him. On a large screen hanging on the wall inside the hall, the videos of his live concerts filmed during his Japan tour held at Yokosuka and Kawaguchi played, although his appearance singing enthusiastically made fans sad. Fans who were waiting for their turns to offer flowers cried in front of his picture and prayed for him to rest in peace. Some fans even wailed while holding onto the platform.


In a concert hall normally filled with the sounds of singing and shouting, only the sound of crying could be heard in a heavy-laden atmosphere. Some fans even came up onto the stage and wailed.

The memorial ceremony to offer flowers to the soul of the late Park Yong Ha, who passed away on June 30 (died at the age of 32), was held at the International Forum Hall in Yurakucho, Tokyo. The agency of the deceased, Pony Canyon, hosted the ceremony entitled “Stars Forever” from 10 am until 6:20 pm for eight hours and twenty minutes on July 18. The ceremony to offer flowers to the late Park Yong Ha was actually scheduled to finish at 6 pm.

In the concert hall where the late Park had planned to hold a concert in Tokyo after a five year break, numerous fans continuously visited and some fans even took the first train which departed as early as 5 am to come to the hall, and some fans kept waiting for a long time in the evening. According to the host agency, around 14,200 fans came to the hall to pray for Ha to rest in peace.



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