YB Releases New Album Mixing Rock and Electronic

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YB (Yoon Do Hyun Band) released their project mini album entitled “YB vs RRM” on July 20.

This new album was produced by working together with the electronic music group RRM (Risque Rhythm Machine), which has been evaluated as the most competent music group in the underground music scene, and the album has also been deemed to eliminate the boundary between rock and electronic.

After a one and a half year break after releasing their 8th album, YB released this album and it has five songs in total, including two new songs and three rearranged existing songs. The title song entitled “Sneakers” was made by receiving ideas about people’s impromptu images about “sneakers.” Yoon Do Hyun asked questions through his Twitter and made up the lyrics of the song by gathering people’s ideas, so the lyrics are very witty and lively. He explained that he wanted to give hope to neglected people by using a pair of old sneakers. The other new song entitled “Untruth” is about a miserable society filled with abundant untruths, and it features a fast rhythm and simple but deep melody.

The three rearranged existing songs were all sung in foreign languages. The song “Stay Alive,” which was included in the 8th album, has been sung by RRM in this album and completely transformed into a song that is hard to classify as a specific music genre.

In addition, the recent song of “Russia’s legendary rocker” Victor Choi, ”Blood Type,” was sung in Russian. When YB released their 4th album entitled “Singing Korean Rock Again,” YB remade one of Victor Choi’s songs and it was included in the 4th album. The song “Blood Type” in this album delivers an antiwar message by talking about the tragedy of war. Its running time is eight minutes and 30 seconds and it is a very impressive song, featuring RRM’s "psychedelic playing" using an analog synthesizer and guitarist Heo Jun’s solo guitar playing.

The song “A Flying Butterfly,” which was included in YB’s 7th album, was sung in English in this album.

A spokesperson for YB’s agency, Daeum Entertainment, said, “YB and RRM have made up a harmonious sound that is transcending the boundary of rock and electronic.”


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