'MTV Wonder Girls Season 4’ To Broadcast

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The cable channel MTV delivered the news on July 26 that it will broadcast the first episode of “MTV Wonder Girls Season 4,” which will portray the story of the girl group "Wonder Girls," on July 29.

The program will introduce how the Wonder Girls, who have advanced to the world music industry, are performing and how they are living their lives in the United States. Their homes in New York and their practicing studio will be unveiled on the program.

In particular, it will present the preview of the Wonder Girls’ concert entitled “World Stage Live in Malaysia,” which will be held in Malaysia on July 31. At the concert, which more than 15,000 audiences members are expected to attend, the Wonder Girls will perform as the representative singers of Korea, and they will perform along with American singer Katy Perry and German pop rock band Tokio Hotel on the same stage.

The production staff members are planning to show not only their performances onstage, but also their natural appearances in a meeting with Malaysian fans and at the resort while taking a rest. The program will be produced with a total of five episodes, and after the first episode is aired on July 29 at 10 pm, the other episodes beginning from the second episode will be aired every Saturday night at 8 pm from August 7.

MTV had already aired the program entitled “MTV Wonder Girls” from the first season to the third season, and they had introduced the Wonder Girls’ everyday life through the program starting from 2006.

A production staff member said, “We had focused on their cute appearances on and off the stage up until now, but we are planning to introduce the Wonder Girls’ music that has been developed so far in season 4.”


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