Super Junior Dominates Taiwanese Chart for 110 Weeks

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Super Junior has set a new record in Taiwan, dominating a Korean music chart for 110 consecutive weeks. According to SM Entertainment, “Sexy, Free & Single” the title song of their latest album, reached the number one spot on Taiwan’s KKBOX Korea Music Top 100 Chart last week.

With the latest ranking, Super Junior has continued its #1 streak for 110 weeks, setting a record for staying at the top spot for the longest period of time in the chart’s history. The group first reached the number one spot with “Bonamana” in the first week of June, 2010 and stayed at the top for 63 weeks until “Mr. Simple” took over in August of 2011. “Mr. Simple” also stayed at the top for 46 consecutive weeks until last week when “Sexy, Free & Single” took over the #1 spot.

SM Entertainment said, “Super Junior stayed at the top spot for 110 consecutive weeks with three different songs, proving their reigning status as the “King of Hallyu”. Their new song “Sexy, Free & Single” is expected to stay at the #1 spot while other songs from their latest album are also within the top ten.”


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