B.A.P to release its mysterious mascot poster

# K-POP 2015.10.20 View : 5481

B.A.P has released its mysterious mascot poster prior to its comeback.

On October 19, B.A.P’s leader Park Yongguk posted a mysterious mascot poster on his Instagram account. In the released poster, Shi Shi Mato, one of B.A.P’s mascot Matoki bunnys appeared. Shi Shi Mato who leads other members to conquer the Earth is opening the gate of the spaceship with a chic facial expression,

Also, Bang Yongguk delivered a message saying “THE KING IS BACK” by Mato Puzzle as a part of its comeback promotion earlier.

Meanwhile, B.A.P’s comeback showcase will be held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. The members prepared various outdoor events including "High Touch."


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