Nam Sang-mi Shows Off Her Glamor

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[TV Report] Actress Nam Sang-mi, who so far has been known for her innocent looks, showed off her sexual charm on the KBS TV show "Happy Together - Season 3," which aired July 30. On the show, actress Kim Bo-yeon, who appeared in the movie "Faith" alongside Nam, talked about Nam's glamor hidden behind her innocent looks.

Recalling the last day of the movie shoot, Kim said, “She was wearing a sweater that day, but her breasts looked really big. I asked them if they were real, and I even touched them to check. She said she had been ashamed of her big breasts since childhood."

Then a photo album showing Nam's ample bosom was shown. In the photos, Nam looks alluring and charming. The other female guests on the show expressed their envy to her. Male guests, on the other hand, looked embarrassed.

Other guests on the show included comedians Hong Ki-hoon and Yang Won-kyung.

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