Bok-sil and Dae-pung Reunite in 'My Too Perfect Sons'

# Drama 2009.08.05 View : 633

The KBS TV2 weekend series "My Too Perfect Sons" has recorded viewer ratings of over 30 percent following the reunion of Bok-sil (Yoo-seon) and Dae-pung (Lee Pil-mo).

The drama has been entertaining to watch since it became known who nurse Bok-sil, who recently left Dae-pung, really was. In the August 2 episode, Dae-pung ran into Bok-sil at a hospital where he had started his new job. The episode ended with Dae-pung embracing Bok-sil and promising her not to let her go ever again, and Bok-sil becoming startled and slapping him.

Viewers welcomed the reunion of Dae-pung and Bok-sil. The drama drew viewers' attention for showing Bok-sil, who had been strongly committed to Dae-pung before, in a completely new light and Dae-pung finally realizing what Bok-sil means to him.

Meanwhile, Brutus (Cho Jin-woong) learns about the relationship between Jin-pung (Sohn Hyun-joo) and Soo-jin (Park Seon-young) and asks Jin-pung to take good care of Soo-jin.

The August 2 episode of "My Too Perfect Sons" recorded viewer ratings of 32.3 percent (according to TNS Media).

By Jin Young-joo, KBSi
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