Chang Young-ran to Marry Younger Man

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[TV Report] TV personality Chang Young-ran, who performs under the nickname "Rani Ran" these days, announced her wedding plans on August 4 on the KBS TV2 show "Roundtable Plus."

Chang said that the man she had been seeing was not her boyfriend but her fiance. He is an Oriental medicine doctor and he is three years her junior. The two will tie the knot next month. “I don't deserve him. He's the best," said Chang, arousing everyone's envy

She also talked about how she met her fiance on the SBS TV show "Truth Game," which ended last year. Chang's fiance appeared as a man looking for his significant other, while Chang was on the jury.

Chang added that her fiance had always been worried because of her pretty looks and that he even called her a "goddess." She also disclosed his photo.

Other guests on the show included Lee Hyuk-jae, Kim Hyun-chul, Ji Sang-ryeol and Kim hyun-chul.

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