Production of 'Korean Ghost Stories' Announced

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The production of the KBS TV "Korean Ghost Stories" was finally announced August 5 at the KBS International Conference Room. The venue was decorated with a placard showing a ghost and reading, "I've been waiting for this never-ending night." A video clip was also screened showing various scenes and computer graphics.

Starting from August 10, ten episodes of "Korean Ghost Storeis" will go on air, including "Vampire," "The Regrets of Bamboo Knife," "Servant," "Wood Ghost," "Surrogate Mother," "Forbidden Book," "Silent Village" and "Fox With Nine Tails." The series combines classical stories with modern plots and special effects.

"Vampire," which stars Kim Ji-seok and Lee Young-eun, will be the first in the series to deal with the subject of vampires. Kim Ji-seok, who plays a vampire, said, “Horror productions tend to follow Japanese and Western trends. But just like Korean-grown beef tastes the best, 'Korean Ghost Stories' is the oldest, most familiar and fun to watch horror series for Koreans."

The "2009 Korean Ghost Stories," which stars many talented actors like Kim Ji-seok, Lee Young-eun, Chun Hye-bin, Chang Hee-jin, Kim Tae-ho, Cho Yun-hee, Chung Kyeo-woon, Kim Hyung-mi and Ji Sung-woo, will air from August 10 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55 on KBS TV2.

By Jin Young-joo, KBSi
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