Chun Hye-bin Plays Lead in 2009 'Fox With Nine Tails'

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Singer-turned-actress Chun Hye-bin will play a leading role in the "Fox With Nine Tails" episode of the KBS series "2009 Korean Ghost Stories." So far, the role has been played by such top actresses as Park Sang-ah, Song Yun-ah, Kim Ji-young and Park Min-young.

At the production announcement of the series on August 5 at the KBS New Hall, Chun said she was happy to play the role rather than feeling pressure, and that it was an ambitious project for her given the series' legendary status. "I want to show a good side of me through this production," said the actress.

Chun said, "'Fox With Nine Tails' has a more traditional flair to it than other episodes in the series. The director told me to emphasize the overall mood rather than put the emphasis on horror. That's why I tried hard to portray the humanistic side of my character and focused on portraying feelings."

This year's version of "Fox With Nine Tails" places priority on the aspect of "love" when compared with all previous versions.

Chun says it takes her 3-4 hours to dress up like a fox with nine tails. "My costume feels like a heavy fur coat. The hardest part is flying on wires and not blinking because of the lenses. It's hard for me even to walk on my own in this costume. I need someone to help me," she said.

The "Fox With Nine Tails" episode, which depicts the love and revenge of a fox with nine tails that is transformed into a beautiful woman, will air September 1.

By Jin Young-joo, KBSi
Photos by: PR Team, KBS
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