Nam Sang-mi Defies Bias

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[TV Report] Actress Nam Sang-mi, who is known for her innocent looks, dispelled all misconceptions about her on the KBS TV show "Roundtable Plus" on August 11. “Many people have misconceptions about me," said Nam. In fact, she has the image of a very innocent woman who most likely attends church and cannot drink.

But Nam flatly rebutted the misconceptions as "false." Actress Kim Bo-yeon, who also appeared on the show, also testified to her comment by saying that Nam drinks a lot and is very strong. Nam said, “I have very strong muscles for a woman and they grow easily when I work out. That's why I avoid training my arms."

On the show, Nam arm-wrestled with Shin Jung-hwan, and Nam won. Blushing, Shin made an excuse by saying, “I'm a left-hander, so I rarely use the arm that I was wrestling with."

Other guests on the show, which was a special summer edition, included Baek Ji-young and Seo In-young. Baek Ji-young talked about how Oak Taek-yeon of the idol band 2PM was featured in her new album and about a creepy experience with singer Yoo-ri, her close friend.

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