Girls' Generation vs. Kara: Beauty Showdown

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[TV Report] The two popular girl bands Girls' Generation and Kara had a showdown on the KBS TV2 show "Star Golden Bell" on August 15 for the title of the most charming group.

Kara's leader Park Kyu-ri said she envied the Girls' Generation members for being so close. She said that Kara, which has fewer members, doesn't appear on TV often because its members are very shy.

In response, Girls' Generation member Jessica said, “Only the most talkative of us like to talk on TV. I envy groups with few members.” She said that it always takes a while for Girls' Generation to get prepared because it has so many members. But on Kim Je-dong's question whether or not the two groups envied each other's looks, both groups remained silent, creating a tense atmosphere.

When Kim Je-dong asked Kara whether it envied any aspect of Girls' Generation, Kyu-ri retorted, “The number of members." As for the members' looks, she said, “We accept our looks.”

Other guests on the show, which was a special edition dedicated to idol groups, included 2PM and SHINee. 2PM told funny stories about passing gas and the members' life together.

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