Lee Young-eun Relates Ghost Encounter on 'Korean Ghost Stories' Set

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[TV Report]Actress Lee Young-eun, who plays a leading role in "Korean Ghost Stories," told a ghost story on the KBS TV2 show "Champagne" on August 15. It is Lee's second appearance in "Korean Ghost Stories." She appeared in the "Exorcist" episode last year, and in the "Vampire" episode this year.

On the show, Lee talked about a nerve-wrecking experience while filming "Exorcist." She said, "We were filming in a 5-meter deep swimming pool. Oddly enough, I kept sinking, as if someone was pulling my legs. When we were filming the final scene, I sank completely and barely made my way back to the water surface."

There is a popular belief in show business that ghosts bring luck. But when Lee told the production crew that someone had been pulling her leg from below, the production team said jokingly that it was just a lump of lead hanging on Lee's leg.

Other guests on the show included Eugene, Moon Jung-hee and Jeon Hae-bin. Jeon talked about rumors that she was dating former H.O.T. member Chang Woo-hyuk.

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