Yoon Eun-hye Tries New Role in 'My Fair Lady'

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Singer-turned-actress Yoon Eun-hye, who has previously appeared in the TV dramas "Princess Hours," "The Man of the Vineyard" and "Coffee Prince No. 1," is back after a two-year absence in a romantic comedy.

Yoon plays the only heiress of the nation's richest tycoon in the KBS TV drama "My Fair Lady," which premiered August 19. In the drama, she has the perfect looks and background, but she is also arrogant and selfish. Yoon says she wants to show a new side of herself through this role.

Yoon perfectly portrays her somewhat strong character by using her charms. She says she will present a unique and unusual character to viewers. Each of Yoon's previous roles drew attention for her unique hairstyles and costumes. This time is no exception, because Yoon will appear in princess-like clothing befitting her role.

“Over the past eight or nine months I've been busy preparing for this role. I also dedicated great effort to choosing the right style. I dyed my hair red to make me look strong and stubborn, and I'm using intense makeup and somewhat outlandish clothes and accessories," said Yoon.

The production team of "My Fair Lady" has high hopes for its viewer ratings, because the drama had drawn significant attention even before it went on the air. Yoon says though she is pressured to be playing a leading role, she can feel how she is maturing through her new role. "Viewer ratings are not everything. What matters is whether viewers will remember the production," added Yoon.

"My Fair Lady," which depicts the bickering and romance between playboy Seo Dong-chan (played by Yoon Sang-hyun) and "hot celebrity" and rich gal Kang Hye-na, airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 p.m. on KBS TV2.

By Jin Young-joo, KBSi
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