Shin-dong of Super Junior Talks About His First Love

# Drama 2009.08.26 View : 441

Shin-dong of Super Junior has appeared on the KBS TV1 show "Celebrity Goes to School," which features famous people's visits to their alma maters.

In episode 18 of "Celebrity Goes to School," Shin-dong visited his alma mater, Sewon High School. He told the current students about his own school years and showed them his childhood pictures.

Shin-dong also talked about his first love, which he had never done before. His said that his first love not only encouraged him through his school years, when his family lived in dire straits and when he was full of uncertainty about his future, but she also bought groceries for his family once a week with her own pocket money.

Then, Shin-dong was moved to tears when he received a special gift from the students.

Viewers can hear more stories from Shin-dong about his first love and the hardships that he had to overcome before rising to stardom, as well as see what present he received from the students on "Celebrity Goes to School."

By Jin Young-joo, KBSi
Source: PR Team, KBS
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