Seo In-young Talks about Her Fight with Ghost

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[TV Report] Seo In-young of the girl band Jewelry talked about her fight with a ghost on the August 25 episode of the KBS TV show "Roundtable Plus." She said the incident happened when she moved to a new place.

She was trying to fall asleep when she felt something suspicious behind her. She turned around and saw a ghost that was trying to catch her. To protect herself, she grabbed ahold of the ghost's face. The ghost screamed and Seo was able to wake up from her nightmare. “My heart was racing when I woke up," said Seo.

Counter to her tough image, Seo appeared weak and horrified on the show, which was produced as a special edition to help viewers cool down in the summer heat. It featured ghosts and a trip to a ruined house.

Seo expressed horror by screaming. Actress Kim Bo-yeon, who plays the lead in the horror movie "Faith," surprised everyone by crying. Other guests included Baek Ji-young and Nam Sang-mi.

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