New Romantic Drama ‘Romance Town’

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The real story of a cleaning woman in her forties who won 10 billion won from lottery yet continued her work as a cleaning woman came up in conversation a few years ago. Why did the woman want to keep her job of cleaning even though she had 10 billion won? KBS’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama “Romance Town (written by Seo Sook Hyang, directed by Hwang Eui Kyung)” that will tell a real story of maids who lives with all sorts of emotions in a realistic, sarcastic, witty, and romantic way marked its beginning by holding production presentation.

“Romance Town,” which will begin airing from May 11, held a production presentation at the Convention Diamant in Daechidong, Seoul on May 3, and production director Hwang Eui Kyung and main actors such as Sung Yoo Ri, Jeong Geo Woon, Kim Min Joon introduced the drama. Hwang PD said, “The drama will be about love, but I want to produce a drama that can make people take some time to reflect on their lives. I want to contain the meaning that saying ‘In this society, money is valued above human beings, but love is valued above money’ in this lively and exciting drama.” The director also conveyed his anticipation about the drama by saying, “I think that the harmony between fresh new actors and veteran actors will form the best team, and it will become the biggest strength for the drama’s success.”

Sung Yoo Ri will make a comeback to dramas after a two-year break by playing a strong and determined maid who hits the jackpot and earns 10 billion won but continues to work as a maid while hiding the fact that she has a huge amount of money. She was in the spotlight during the production presentation with her unchangeable cute appearance, and she said, “I feel nervous as I am coming back to a drama after such a long break and I am little bit pressured that I have to present various acting in the drama. My previous role in the drama ‘Hong Gil Dong’ was a cute and adorable character, but this time, I have to play a strong character. But she will gradually transform into a lovely character as her romance begins in the drama.” Jeong Geo Woon, who will have a romance with Sung Yoo Ri in the drama, said, “I am appearing in several dramas consecutively without taking a break, but it is still very meaningful because I will make another transformation in this drama. I am studying my character very hard to be more devoted to acting. The character Geon Woo, whom I will play, will be a very pure hearted man in the beginning, but he will become a muscular man as his appearance changes in the drama. I have really wanted to play this kind of double face character.”

Kim Min Joon, who will also make a comeback to dramas after a two-year break by playing a cute little evil character with a spiteful tongue in a chaebol family in the drama, said, “After watching the drama ‘Pasta,’ I have always wanted to work with the writer, Seo Sook Hyang, and I finally have a chance to work with her in this drama. My previous work was a legitimate drama and I had to be very serious. I decided to appear in this drama as my character in this drama, which is much lighter than my previous one, and it seems to be very exciting.” Min Hyo Rin, who will also appear in the drama after a long break since her previous drama “Triple,” will play the youngest maid named Jeong Da Gyeom, who loves her landlord Young Hee (Kim Min Joon). She will present unlimited love towards him in the drama. She said, “I have been spotlighted with my appearance or other features, but I have never been spotlighted with my acting ability, so I have determined by myself that I would present recognizable best acting this year. I am greatly anticipating this drama because I might be able to present my acting ability to viewers.”

“Romance Town” will tell the story of various episodes happening between maids and their landlords in the top class families in Korea, and the story of love and money will be portrayed in a witty and humorous way. The writer, Seo Sook Hyang, who wrote the drama “Pasta,” and production director Hwang Eui Kyung, who has produced dramas such as “Partner” and “Mr. Good-Bye,” will work together. It will air its first episode on May 11 on KBS 2TV as a follow-up drama to “The Thorn Birds.”

Writer: KBSi Jin Young Ju
Picture: KBS PR Department
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