'Queen of Cannes' Jeon Do-yeon Says Kim Woo-bin Has Been Catching Her Eye

# Drama 2013.12.10 View : 2013

 Actress Jeon Do-yeon selected Kim Woo-bin as a younger actor that's been catching her eye.

In the KBS2TV‘s “Entertainment Weekly“ which aired on December 7th, there was a Guerrila Date with the actress who recently came back to the big screen with the film .
During the show, Jeon was asked, "Which actor or actress catches your eye these days?" and answered, "In terms of acting, I like Kim Woo-bin." She explained, "I like his unique voice and I heard that he is very professional on set."
The actress also said that Kim Woo-bin has all that it takes, but declined the interviewer's request to send him a video message, making the audience laugh.
Jeon also said that she liked her nickname "Queen of Cannes" because it always keeps her on guard and pushes her to work harder. The actress also talked about some of the episodes while she was filming . She said that it was filmed where only female prisoners could go, but she had thought she was filming with extras. She later found out that they were actual inmates.
Meanwhile, the press conference for the new KBS drama was also aired during the show and actor Yoon Shi-yoon caught the audiences' attention by saying it will be the first time he will be acting as a member of the elite class.


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