Yoon Sungil who wishes to be a famous star [My Dear Cat]

# Drama 2014.06.03 View : 726
A grandson of Senior Yoon and Junghye’s nephew who wishes to be a famous star.
“My dream is to be a famous star in nation. That’s why I came back!”
Yoon Sungil moved to the U.S for educational purpose when he was in middle school,
but came back to Korea where his grandfather stays who loved him so much.
Yet, when he is back, his grandfather is not like he used to be.
So, Sungil starts working as a janitor of grandfather’s building to please him. 
However, even before he gain his grandfather’s trust, he has a crush on someone.
[My Dear Cat] - premier on June 24.
Showtime: Mon-Fri 08:20pm | Tue-Sat 05:20am (Seoul, UTC+9).


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