Park Hyungsik to show “The Dignity of Food” [The King of Food]

# Drama 2014.06.10 View : 1365

KBS food variety show, “The King of Food” becomes nationwide sensation. 

Along with Shin Dongyeop, a gourmet MC with a picky taste; Park Eunhye, a mother of a twin son; Kim Junhyun, an icon of big eater and Jang Hangsun with his own philosophy on food are talking about the hidden stories of food and the way to eat food even more deliciously.
In the 3rd episode, Noh Sayeon, Lee Moosong, Kwanghee and Park Hyungsik of ZE:A will compete against each other for a meal which will strengthen their immune system! 
The Kingdom has revived in 2014. The king has sent out secret invitations. Only those who can answer the King Dongyeop's tricky questions will have a great meal! Changing Season Special, Strengthening Your Immune System! The two ingredients that will strengthen your immune system during the changing season will be revealed today.
[The King of Food]   Re-run
Changing Season Special, Strengthening Your Immune System
Showtime: Tuesdays 07:00pm | Saturdays 03:00am (Seoul, UTC+9).


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