A lovely trot singer, Choi Choohee [Lovers of Music]

# Drama 2014.06.12 View : 1058

Choi Choonhee (cast: Jung Eunji)

Love, marriage, childbirth, relationship, house...
Those are five things that Choi Chunhee has to give up.
Because she has to support her troublemaking father and a mature sister.
Once, she received attention in youth marathon field.
But her excessive competitiveness ended up taking her to the hospital right before her winning.
During childhood, her teacher even didn’t remember her name, very unnoticeable.
However, when she sings trot on the stage, this ordinary woman sparkles brightly.
She does not know how to see musical notes, but she remembers the melody and lyrics when she listens to it.
[Lovers of Music] - Premier on July 7th


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