A charming business man, Jo Geunwoo [Lovers of Music]

# Drama 2014.06.13 View : 891

Jo Geun Woo (cast: Shin Sung Rok)

A young CEO of Shine Star Entertainment agency.

Jo Geunwoo’s father forces him to run the company for a year.

But, Geunwoo knows how to run a business. He never loses in business.
Also he is always relaxed and doesn’t get upset easily.
This straightforward businessman embarrasses powerful men with cutting remarks.
But, he is not the type of person who cares about the weak.
Then, Geunwoo finds tomboyish Choonhee impressive.
When Geunwoo realizes her talent, he tries to find her charm to commercialize.
Then, he finds out her virtue and now he regards Choonhee as his masterpiece.


 [Lovers of Music] - Premier on July 7th


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