A jealous princess, Park Sooin [Lovers of Music]

# Drama 2014.06.13 View : 737

 Park Soo In (cast: Lee Se Young)


Junhyun’s first love and a trainee of Shine Star agency with a beautiful appearance.
A legendary singer Yang Joo Hee’s daughter and she graduated from a prestigious university.
She longs for a success just like her mother to be a famous singer.
Sooin uses Junhyun’s talent and made him compose songs for her.
But when Junhyun falls down, she ignores him and follows Geunwoo.
Sooin is shocked when people are only interested in Choonhee, not her.
She just cannot accept it and she starts to abhor her.
Now, she is fully to ready drag Choonhee down.
 [Lovers of Music] - Premier on July 7th


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