Press conference of new Mon/Tue drama “Lovers of Music”

# Drama 2014.07.03 View : 1305

 Main actors and actresses of "Lovers of Music." Jung EunJi, Ji HyunWoo, Shin SungRok, Lee SeYoung.

The cast of crew of KBS new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Lovers of Music' held a press conference at Grand Ambassador Seoul Hotel. 

In this drama, a protagonist who was a nobody makes her way into becoming a beautiful star. A famous singer, whose image becomes tarnished after a serious of unfortunate events falls in love with her.

A fascinating romantic comedy drama will be unfolded next week! Let’s enjoy it with KBS World!

[Lovers of Music] - Premier on July 7th.
Showtime: Mon-Tue 10:00pm | Tue-Wed 04:10am (Seoul,UTC+9). 


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