Are DongHui and DongSeok having a fight? [Wonderful Days]

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DongHui decides to leave his family with YeongChun and starts treating his family members harshly, and that breaks everyone’s heart. Yeongchun accepts Han Bin’s proposal to marry to make Donghui stay, and Haewon starts to tail Han Bin. The day arrives when Yeongchun is supposed to move out, and Dongseok finally meets Han Bin who comes to take Yeongchun.


DongSeok drags DongHui who is furious out of the house. DongTak joins them and they get into a fist-fight with drunkards. Soshim gets things ready for Yeongchun’s wedding, and Han Bin starts showing his true colors.

Surprise! Here are some behind the scene cuts!

In the photos, they are not DongSeok, HaeWon, and DongHui, but close actors and actress. 
Can you guess who made mistakes?
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