A lovely couple, MuYeol and JongHui [Wild Romance]

# Drama 2014.07.21 View : 1218

Here are some behind the scene cuts of “Wild Romance!”

Look how happy they are together, MuYeol and JongHui!
Such a nice-looking couple, aren’t they?

They seem to leave for somewhere. Where they are going?

In fact, it is the scene which EunJae dreamed last night.
How the three young people’s relationship will be ended?
Meanwhile, Muyeol asks Eunjae to be Jonghui’s bodyguard.  Eunjae doesn’t want to do it,  but ends up being Jonghui’s bodyguard.  Donga follows Seo Yuni around  to find the culprit. 
[Wild Romance]
Showtime: Mon-Tue 10:20am | Sunday 06:00am (Seoul,UTC+9). 


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