Four cast to have a double-date [Wild Romance]

# Drama 2014.07.22 View : 567

 Two couples are having a date together after a long time.

 Excited SooYoung and JongHui are so immersed into the game!

 But, there aren’t only four people, but five including EunJae.

EunJae looks so lonely. Looking at those lovely couples, EunJae feels heartbroken.

When will Muyeol realize EunJae’s feelings? 
Meanwhile, MuYeol is relieved that JongHui is better thanks to EunJae, so he takes her to a Seagulls publication party. JongHui realizes that EunJae has feelings for Muyeol. 
[Wild Romance]
Showtime: Mon-Tue 10:20am | Sunday 06:00am (Seoul,UTC+9). 


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