Wonderful Smile Man Ok Taecyeon! [Wonderful Days]

# Drama 2014.07.25 View : 2068

Ok Taecyeon becomes a good actor in drama “Wonderful Days” playing as Kang DongHui.

 He must be tired of shooting during the summer, but he is always smiling at the studio.

 What’s he doing? Is he seding a signal with his hand?

Mermaid DongHui. His bright smile always doubles his charm.

Haewon tells Yeongchun she saw Han Bin with another woman, and Yeongchun questions him. Haewon tries to postpone Yeongchun’s wedding, but it makes the other family members mad at her. Meanwhile, Dongseok recognizes Han Bin’s face and gets shocked.
[Wonderful Days]
Showtime: Sat-Sun 07:50pm | Sun-Mon 04:50am (Seoul, UTC+9).


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