After party is going on for SooIn [Lovers of Music]

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The party is going on to celebrate Park SooIn’s winning.

Jo GeunWoo is throwing a party to celebrate Park SooIn’s audition winning.

And Na PilNyeo has prepared something to put ChunHui through trouble.

She tried to put some lapactic drug in ChunHui’s glass but GeunWoo who noticed that and helped him. 
Meanwhile, In exchange for returning her phone, GeunWoo asks ChunHui to invite him over for dinner, and she's unable to refuse. JunHyun acts out, and ChunHui sends him out of the house, so that GeunWoo won't find out that they're living together. JunHyun can't stand the thought of them being together and barges into the house, and a power struggle between JunHyun and GeunWoo ensues during dinner... 
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