No one is around them, JunHyun and ChunHui [Lovers of Music]

# Drama 2014.08.05 View : 882

 After filming at a goat farm, JunHyun and ChunHui are strolling in the countryside together.

JunHyun finds ChunHui and kisses her, confirming each other's feelings. ChunHui doesn't care if people find out about them, but JunHyun disagrees adamantly. He is worried about her and says she cannot be swept up in any scandals. While ChunHui and JunHyun enjoy a blissful time together, GeunWoo is lost after finding out how ChunHui feels...

[Lovers of Music]
Showtime: Mon-Tue 10:00pm | Tue-Wed 04:10am (Seoul,UTC+9). 


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