Choi Chunhui to form the best trot group! [Lovers of Music]

# Drama 2014.08.18 View : 1149
Choi Chunhui and her best trot partners!
Along with Choi Chunhui, Seol Taesong, Na Pilnyu, Lee Chulman and Lee Yoosik have formed the best trot group!

 And here comes their perfect stage!

Main vocal : Choi Chunhui.
Chorus :  Seol Taesong, Na Pilnyu.
Back-up dancer: Lee Chulman and Lee Yoosik.

Cheerful Choi Chunhui attracts people around her. 

Those members are who used to harass Chunhui, but they realized Chunhui's warm heart and become friends with her.
Ever since the retreat, Junhyeon is confused about his feelings for Chunhui, and goes to the site of the accident. He finds his cell phone and drops it off at a service center. Suin finds out and trembles in fear again, and Director Yang calls Junhyeon's mom, Hwasun, and tells her that Junhyeon and Suin are getting engaged. 
[Lovers of Music]
Showtime: Mon-Tue 10:00pm | Tue-Wed 04:10am (Seoul,UTC+9). 


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