Rian to be in the hospital [Dream High 2]

# Drama 2014.08.18 View : 1147

 Rian is hospitalized after an accident at a venue. Rian’s mother goes to Gangcheol to complain, but she’s taken aback by his reaction.

 Yenny of the Wonder Girls calls Haeseong and tells her she wants the song Haeseong has written. She also invites Haeseong along with Rian to her radio show.

Haeseong regains her confidence and returns to Kirin. She gets ready for the super idol audition with her friends. JB takes Haeseong shopping and gets her a makeover. Yujin is taken by Haeseong’s transformation.

[Dream High 2]
Showtime: Mon-Thu 10:20am | 11:10pm (Seoul, UTC+9). 


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