The youngest son, Cha DalBong [What Happens to My Family?]

# Drama 2014.08.21 View : 2605

Cha DalBong (cast: Park HyungSik)

The youngest son of Cha's family. Currently looking for a job.
He has been jobless and become no help for his family.
One day, there appears a girl who tells Dalbong that they have promised for marriage 12 years ago. 
But the fact is! it's not him, but his best friend Yoon EunHo who told the girl DalBong's name in promise of marriage, for saving his life! 
DalBong wants to tell the truth but as he begins to like her, he decides not to do so.. 
[What Happens to My Family?] - Premier on August 30th.


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